October 29, 1969  
October 29, 1969 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



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October 29, 1969

Dear Co-Worker with Christ:

   It's time, once again, to give you a report on the progress of this great Work of God, to which the living Christ has called you and me as fellow workers with Him. And I want to give you a look into plans for the coming year.

   About a year ago I gave our family of Co-Workers an analysis showing HOW MUCH your tithes and offerings are accomplishing in this Work which is guided and directed by Jesus Christ. For HE is the active living HEAD of this Work.

   I had taken time to figure out just HOW FAR even the "widow's mites" actually go in this Work. And it was absolutely AMAZING! I know of NO OTHER PLACE ON EARTH where every single dollar accomplishes so MUCH!

   This Work has grown LARGE — worldwide. It is natural that some jump to the conclusion that it must be supported by a few very wealthy persons — or by one or more giant corporations. That is certainly not true. I do not know of a single one of our Co-Workers who is really wealthy. Nor do any of the big corporations or foundations finance this Work. On the contrary, it is THE POWER OF NUMBERS — mostly of lower than average income — that keeps this Work going — AND GROWING! Including the "widow's mites."

   But, lest some Co-Workers of very small means, get to thinking that their small tithes and very limited offerings don't count in a Work so large, I took the time to check carefully to figure out just HOW FAR the "widow's mites" really do go. AND IT IS ASTOUNDING!

   So once again, here it is:

   THE WIDOW'S MITES: If you are able to give no more than the "widow's mites" — say $2.00 — and not even that every month, but only ten times a year, YOU paid the cost of 2,080 people hearing one half-hour broadcast of The WORLD TOMORROW.

   And, IN ADDITION — much more than that: You also paid for the subscriptions for 3 people receiving The PLAIN TRUTH for one year;

    And, STILL MORE: You ALSO paid the cost of getting 9 students to start the Bible Correspondence Course, receiving the first lesson paid for by you;

   And, besides all that, you have been one of a little group of 100 people, each able to give only the "widow's mites" 10 times a year, who, together, paid the cost of bringing about the conversions of 5 people — 5 precious lives going into God's Kingdom with the gift of ETERNAL LIFE.

   MORE STILL, you shared with 9 such groups in putting 4 students through Ambassador College for one whole school year.

   And YOU SHARED in adding this year approximately 10,000 (TEN THOUSAND) new conversions — to receive God's GIFT of ETERNAL LIFE!

   To me, that is absolutely OVERWHELMING! Is not this the GREATEST WORK being done on earth today? Is anything else of any importance by comparison?

   And if the "widow's mites" accomplishes that much, think what tithes and offerings of, say, $35 per month will accomplish! Or, of $50 to $100 per month! Or, of a contribution — or a loan if unable to give it outright — of, say, $1,000 or of $5,000 or $10,000. Some FEW are able to contribute THAT MUCH GOOD!

   Co-Workers, it has been a struggle to "make ends meet" in this Work this year. It has been a year of readjustment, because of the amount of demand loans that had accumulated on our books. Good progress has been made through this year — but WE ARE STILL FAR FROM HAVING ACHIEVED OUR GOAL. It is VERY IMPORTANT to the good of the Work that still more of the loans of, say $500 or more, be either turned into donations, or, if unable, to be changed into 5-year loans so that we are not obligated legally to repay more than 20% a year. Again, however, I give you my word that we will feel morally obligated to repay a larger amount, even up to the entire amount, IF you find you really need it.

   IN ADDITION, we now seriously need, during the remainder of this year, new larger loans. If possible send these in on the 5-year basis. Of course what we REALLY need is a general INCREASE in amount of extra freewill offerings from ALL Co-Workers, and, in addition, as many large contributions of $500, $1,000 and more, as you are ABLE to give. Certainly large sums go farther than widow's mites — but once again I just wanted you to realize that even these small amounts COUNT UP — they DO HELP — so never feel that if you are unable to make large contributions the smaller amounts don't help — FOR THEY DO! If every one of us will PRAY MORE for this Work, and just do our very best, according to our individual means, God's great Work will keep going.

   Next year we hope to increase the number of radio stations still further. But next year we want to gradually add more and more television stations. I want more of you to see The WORLD TOMORROW on TV. It is far more impressive on TV than on radio. Next year we need to expand the power and scope of the Work by 50% or 60%. I hope we can begin broadcasting in Japan next year. Let's put our WHOLE HEARTS into this Work. Let's get to our knees and pray more earnestly and more often for the Work.

   Time is getting shorter and shorter. I don't know how much more time we have — we can't set dates — but we MAY have not more than two more short years to go. So remember, the NEED IS URGENT — and there is no other place where dollars go so far — or are so SERIOUSLY NEEDED, and ACCOMPLISH SO MUCH. The Work, and its living Head, Jesus Christ, wait on YOU!

With love in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: October 29, 1969
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