January 29, 1971  
January 29, 1971 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

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January 29, 1971


   Last month I wrote you the wonderful announcement of opening the Work in Japan — with the tentative date of July 1st. Now I have even BIGGER NEWS!

   Whenever my son Garner Ted or I happen to see some of our Co-Workers personally, always the question is: "WHEN am I going to be able to see the TELEVISION program in MY area?" Important meetings were held in Washington, D.C., last week with top officials of three of the great national television networks. Now talks are definitely on the way toward putting the program on the network.

   I have to tell you that there are certain problems that have to be worked out before one of the big networks will air the program. I am hopeful that within two or three months we will be able to solve the problems. I can say now that the very top officials do LIKE the program. They have been much impressed with the highly professional quality — the photography, the intense interest of the subject matter; they simply can't understand how we could produce a program ourselves of such network quality. I can tell you, too, that television executives regard Garner Ted Armstrong as one of the most outstanding television personalities in the country.

   In order to be able to expand the program this year, it is necessary to commence immediately construction of the new Radio- T.V. facility — which must be a building much larger than the temporary quarters we have had to work in. Even in our present cramped quarters, visitors are surprised to see that our television studios are impressive — and with finest color cameras and equipment. But it is not enough, and we require more complete equipment and two or three times the space if we expand. This new building will not need to be high-cost-type construction, but it must be adequate and modern to do the job. Many of our Co-Workers are sending SPECIAL offerings, over and above tithes and regular offerings they have been contributing to the Work, for the special Building Fund, to speed this vitally-needed new building on its way.

   The past two years have been recession years economically in the U.S. Thousands of corporations have gone out of business. By careful management, making many cutbacks, and with sacrifices made by our Co-Workers, we have come through the recession maintaining our financial integrity — and even making many cutbacks on expenditures — some drastic — we have nevertheless accomplished BIGGER RESULTS than any previous year by far. Thousands of lives have been CHANGED, made full and abundant. NEVER has this great Work been so successful.

   Now we must plunge ahead IN GREATER POWER THAN EVER!

   THIS is the year we must make the BIGGEST strides. It could even be our last. Time is very short and growing constantly shorter. NOW the time has come to make every possible sacrifice for the MOST IMPORTANT WORK ON EARTH. It's JUST GREAT to be privileged to HAVE A PART in CHANGING THE WORLD — preparing the way for the WONDERFUL WORLD TOMORROW! Have you read our free booklet by that title? If not, ask for it.

   THANK YOU, sincerely and from the heart for YOUR generous part.

With love, most sincerely in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: January 29, 1971
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