July 23, 1971  
July 23, 1971 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 


Publisher of The PLAIN TRUTH Magazine

An educational service at all levels for all people worldwide

Bangkok, Thailand
July 23, 1971

Dear Co-Workers:

   Sensational world news accelerates. Of course the big news over here in the Far East this past week was the news of President Nixon's forthcoming visit to Premier Chou En-lai of Red China, at Peking.

   The President has termed it "a journey for PEACE." I was in Manila when the news broke, a week ago. Of course it's BIG news all over the Far East. While I was in Manila, the Asian and Pacific Council (ASPAC) was just closing a meeting there when Mr. Nixon's decision hit the page-wide headlines. Most chief delegates to this Council of Far East nations (Nationalist China excepted) hoped this unprecedented visit of the American President will help promote PEACE and stability in Asia and the world.

   But WILL IT bring peace?

   Let me give you in advance a portion of my Personal page in the September PLAIN TRUTH. Here is a glimpse into the methods by which Communist countries "work for PEACE."

   In last Sunday's Hong Kong Standard is a half-page-wide picture of President Nixon leaving Perino's restaurant in Los Angeles, being "cheered after China decision." But, directly under the picture, on the front page, appeared the following in bold black headlines:


   The story begins with: "Chinese armed forces chief, Huang Yung-sheng, accused the United States of planning aggression against China the same day as Peking announced its invitation to President Nixon."

   Further, "Huang said the U.S., in cooperation with Japan, was attempting to turn South Korea into a military base for aggression against the peoples of Korea, China and other Asian countries.... 'Should you dare to unleash a new war of aggression, you will certainly suffer complete annihilation.'" There was more — accusing the United States of "scheming" against China and the people of Asia. This, of course, is typical Communist propaganda — accusing the free world of that which they, themselves, are guilty.

   Ever since the dawn of history, governments and their kings, rulers, presidents or prime ministers, have "WORKED FOR PEACE." They have STRIVEN for peace — usually against each other. And there has never been any peace!

   Most of our Co-Workers know that I attended the entire weeks' long San Francisco Conference, 26 years ago, as an accredited press correspondent. The Charter of the United Nations was drawn up there. The outstanding speech during the plenary sessions, in my opinion — and that of many — was made by General Carlos P. Romulo of the Philippines.

   I again met General Romulo in his office last Monday in Manila. He is now Minister for Foreign Affairs in the government. He called the announcement of President Nixon's visit to Chou En-lai "a diplomatic breakthrough of great significance to Asia and to the world." More about my meeting with him in the Personal page of the September PLAIN TRUTH.

   Co-Workers, with all this fighting for PEACE — struggle for Peace — work for Peace — carried on by nations and armies for thousands of years, do you realize that YOU are having a part in doing more to bring about WORLD PEACE than any nation, any government, or any army in history?

   Does that sound like a boast? IT ISN'T!

   There has to be a CAUSE for every result. There is a CAUSE for wars, and strife, and violence. There is a WAY that brings PEACE! But, as you read in Isaiah 59:8, "The way of peace they know not." I repeat again and again: There is a great MISSING DIMENSION in human knowledge. That MISSING DIMENSION is the knowledge revealed by the living Creator God. WE KNOW THE WAY TO PEACE! We do not fight and struggle to produce peace by war, by violence, by force. We PROCLAIM THE WAY THAT IS THE CAUSE OF PEACE WORLDWIDE TO 150-MILLION READERS, LISTENERS, AND VIEWERS! We set the living example on our three college campuses. Even powerful men in high position in important nations are beginning to recognize that we are actually doing more for world peace than anyone or any government or any activity!

   Right now preliminary plans are being considered, and made, for me to fly into Red China for a personal meeting with the Minister of Education. For 20 years Communist China has been teaching its hundreds of millions of people that the United States, especially, is the big bad "whipping boy" in the world. I am wondering if Mr. Nixon will insist that IF there is to be peace and friendship between the peoples of China and the United States, each country will have to REEDUCATE its people to have an attitude of LOVE toward the other, not of HATE! I may decide to ask the Minister of Education — PRIOR to Mr. Nixon's visit — if he is prepared to let me tell our readers and radio listeners and TV viewers that the Peoples' Republic of China is actually going to reverse its education of its people in that regard.

   I have never felt it advisable for me to enter Russia. We may decide it is not advisable to enter Red China. It is in the thinking stage.

   I hope to be able to make a very startling and exciting announcement of PROGRESS in the Work on my return to Pasadena. Plans are moving along steadily for the advancement of the Work. We are now actually STARTING the Work in Japan — with two-page advertising space ln the Japanese edition of Reader's Digest. It will be the first such ad in the English language that they have published. But in Tokyo alone there are four or five daily newspapers printed in the English language — so there must be hundreds of thousands of Japanese who read English. We want to reach them first, in the hope of bringing with us some English- speaking Japanese to help in the BIG campaign for Japan to follow.

   Meanwhile, only one thing prevents the Work from speeding up faster than it is — the amount of tithes and offerings to keep it growing! The NEED is always with us — and usually more urgent than I'm afraid most Co-Workers realize. The Work needs your CONSTANT EARNEST PRAYERS! Before my next letter to you I shall have entered my 80th year — and I need your heartfelt prayers personally, as well. THANK YOU!

With sincere love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: July 23, 1971
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