November 29, 1971  
November 29, 1971 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 


Publisher of The PLAIN TRUTH Magazine

An educational service at all levels for all people worldwide

November 29, 1971

Dear Co-Worker in the Most IMPORTANT WORK ON EARTH:

   The news headlines are "CHRISTMAS SHOPPING BIGGEST EVER!" Already there are reports that merchants are being caught short — Christmas shopping is so much bigger than they anticipated, they didn't stock enough goods! People are beginning to SPEND MORE FREELY! the Christmas shopping spree, that is!

   But in this most IMPORTANT Work on earth, we are facing the MOST DIFFICULT MONTH! This is the month, coming up, when people suppose they are following the example of the wise men, who gave gifts to Christ!

   But WHAT A DECEPTION that is! 1) Christ's birthday was not on December 25, or even in the winter season. 2) The wise men presented their gifts NOT on His birthday, but some time LATER! 3) They gave their gifts to CHRIST, but today people EXCHANGE gifts with relatives and friends, while, 4) they give LESS to the living Christ for the Work He heads, guides, directs and blesses, or else NONE at all!

   We are sending my semiannual letter to the more than TWO MILLION subscribers to The PLAIN TRUTH, offering the new booklet, "The MODERN ROMANS."

   It is contrary to our policy to even ask or solicit these subscribers for contributions — unless they become a contributor VOLUNTARILY.

   YOU became a Co-Worker voluntarily. But approximately 95 of every 100 who receive The PLAIN TRUTH have never contributed a penny. We are in a worldwide Work of GIVING! We give them the TRUTH. We give them BETTER UNDERSTANDING! We show them THE WAY to PEACE, a better life, success. And we show TOMORROW'S WORLD readers THE WAY to ETERNAL LIFE in happiness and joy FOREVER. And THOUSANDS have started on that way this year. The lives of MILLIONS of PLAIN TRUTH readers, radio and TV listeners and viewers are enriched, helped into a BETTER LIFE every year. THAT IS WHAT YOUR PART IN THIS GREAT WORK HAS DONE, THIS YEAR! And every dollar put in this Work goes farther, does more GOOD, than any place I know!

   A year ago I told you we were ready to open the Work in Japan beginning July. Starting last August our TWO-PAGE ADS began appearing in the Japanese edition of Reader's Digest — reaching millions of Japanese. Also this year we have for the first time in 19 years been reaching the Scandinavian people!

   And at an editors' conference a couple of weeks ago, calling in editors and our press officials from England and Texas, plans were made for BOTH The PLAIN TRUTH and TOMORROW'S WORLD to be published in all five languages — French, German, Spanish, Dutch, besides English. We had not had a TOMORROW'S WORLD in the other languages heretofore!

   GREAT STRIDES ARE BEING MADE IN THE WORK! We have now gotten Christ's true Gospel into EVERY NATION on earth, except a very few very small countries — most of which few people ever heard of.

   NOTHING LIKE IT HAS EVER BEEN DONE BEFORE! AND NOBODY ELSE DOES IT Now! YOU are having a wonderful part in CHANGING THE WORLD — and preparing the way for the WONDERFUL WORLD TOMORROW — a world of PEACE and JOY!

   Please, PRAY in real heartrending prayer for the financial needs of Christ's Work through this coming month! Pray for me — and for Garner Ted Armstrong. He is back now from his leave of absence, looking FINE — and I hope will be used more powerfully than ever. But we do seriously NEED your prayers, your sacrifice, and financial generosity. I know you won't let us down!

With much love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: November 29, 1971
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