December 29, 1971  
December 29, 1971 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 


Publisher of The PLAIN TRUTH Magazine

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December 29, 1971

Dear Co-Worker in the Most IMPORTANT Work on Earth:

   What an eventful year this has been! A year ago I wrote our family of Co-Workers that during this year of 1971, AT LAST we were to get this vital end-time Message into JAPAN. It was the one important nation we had not yet reached.

   Well, we DID get the Work started in Japan. It is only a start — but the impact will increase. We are now using double- page advertising space in the Japanese edition of Reader's Digest. Although the magazine is printed in the Japanese language (all but our two pages), it was even the suggestion of the Reader's Digest people that we place our two pages in the English language. There are important reasons for this. First, there are four daily news- papers in Tokyo in the English language — real full size daily newspapers. There are not a fraction enough Americans visiting Japan to justify the printing of these four dailies. There are many, many Japanese who now speak English. The English language is taught in schools and on television programs.

   But the most important reason is that we need to attract and win for the Work additional native-born Japanese who can be used full-time in the Work before we can step up our campaign there to a full impact. And they must be English speaking Japanese. We shall need to issue a PLAIN TRUTH and a TOMORROW'S WORLD in the Japanese language. That will require a staff of English speaking Japanese with good education, for translating, handling mail, etc., etc.

   In Japan it is necessary to start at the TOP. I have now had personal meetings with most of those at the very top — Prince Mikasa, brother of the Emperor, Crown Prince Akihito, Prime Minister Sato and some of his top aides, and the leading educators. Recently the number one educator, and chief adviser to the government on Okinawan affairs, Dr. Nobumoto Ohama, his wife and secretary, visited both the Pasadena and Big Sandy campuses, and lectured before our students. Also we have made close contacts with some of the leading industrialists. God surely has OPENED THE IMPORTANT DOORS in Japan!

   Now we have gotten the most important Message in the world TO all the world, as a witness to ALL NATIONS, except perhaps four or five very small nations.

   This year many vitally important doors have opened. Very important television and radio stations have opened to us. I have had personal meetings with many heads of state and world leaders in many parts of the world.

   It has been a year of reaping a BOUNTEOUS HARVEST in the Work — thousands of lives have been CHANGED.

   In the world, it has been a very EVENTFUL year. Crime has leaped to an alarming increase; immorality has accelerated; divorce has increased greatly; the world is more pleasure mad than ever; wars flare up, and threat of resuming war in the Middle East; conditions in North Ireland are frightening; the nations of Europe are moving much faster toward resurrecting the old "Holy Roman Empire." The END of this world COULD come quickly — during this very decade! Then, WORLD PEACE will finally come. TIME IS FAST RUNNING OUT ON US!

   Now the Work faces a serious CRISIS during January. People have spent more lavishly, by far, than ever before exchanging Christmas gifts back and forth. They will be trying to make up for it during January, and that will make January a mighty tight squeeze, financially, for this great Work.

   I ask you to PRAY, earnestly, for this financial situation, that the Work may not have to suffer. We NEED, urgently, to get back to a 30% increase in the income for the Work during 1972. Will you PRAY to that end, and be as generous as you are able, besides? Please do take it seriously.

With much love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: December 29, 1971
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