February 28, 1972  
February 28, 1972 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 


Publisher of The PLAIN TRUTH Magazine

An educational service at all levels for all people worldwide

February 28, 1972

Dear Inner Family of Co-Workers:

   The shortest month of the year is ending. This most important Work on earth is driving ahead faster than ever. The first telecast on the number one independent TV station in the U.S. — WOR-TV, New York, brought a very fine response — 786 requests for The PLAIN TRUTH and literature offered. The latest telecast, "Animal Oddities," brought 1545 requests the first three days.

   Since I last wrote you, the number one radio station at the nation's capital, Washington, D.C., has opened a good time for The WORLD TOMORROW program. Government heads listen to this station.

   Recently, when Prime Minister Sato of Japan came to San Clemente, California, for a meeting with President Nixon, He called for a personal meeting with me, prior to his meetings with the President. I was ill with a high fever but sent Mr. Stanley R. Rader, our Chief Legal Counsel, and Mr. Osamu Gotoh, Chairman of the Asian Studies Department at Ambassador College to meet with him in my stead. At that time, he requested that we fly two top members of the Japanese Diet (their Congress) and eight representatives of the Japanese Press to our Texas campus for a couple of days, which we did. They had "the time of their lives." Now these men, the Prime Minister, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs are awaiting my next visit to Tokyo — hopefully between March 8th and 16th.

   A meeting is also planned with the President of South Korea at the same time, and also meetings with the King of Thailand at Bangkok, with President Giri, and Prime Minister Indira Gandhi of India at New Delhi, then meetings with several leaders of Israel at Jerusalem — possibly another meeting with Mrs. Golda Meir, and one with former Prime Minister Ben-Gurion — and I believe a meeting has been arranged with the Foreign Minister, Mr. Abba Eban. Finally a meeting with the President of Romania on the way back to our campus in England, and then returning to Pasadena.

   It is now tentatively planned to begin the insertion of articles, such as might appear in TOMORROW'S WORLD, in FOUR full pages of advertising space in the entire United States edition of Reader's Digest a little later this year. It is my under- standing that they may be prepared soon to accept "message ads" — that is, those that appear in the form of an article, but with the word in italics, at the top of each page: "Advertisement," showing that the message is sponsored by the purchaser of that space, and not by Reader's Digest. That would get the Message before 50 to 70 million readers — approximately one-fourth of the entire population of the United States!! And, if you eliminate children under 16, it would mean about one in every three!

   Can you IMAGINE what a tremendous readership that is? Perhaps this will help you understand what I meant when I said that this is the GREATEST DOOR EVER OPENED TO THIS WORK!

   Another tremendous leap ahead. That, and other changing conditions, have now made it possible to COMBINE The PLAIN TRUTH and TOMORROW'S WORLD, beginning with the coming May number. TOMORROW'S WORLD has grown to a circulation of more than 800,000 copies. But The PLAIN TRUTH has grown to more than 2,100,000 copies — and this means the kind of articles appearing in TOMORROW'S WORLD can now be given the great MASS-circulation of more than TWO MILLION COPIES, or a readership of some SIX or SEVEN MILLION.

   But, of course, the messages in Reader's Digest will have the BIGGEST circulation of ANY magazine, by far — a readership of from FIFTY to SEVENTY MILLION PEOPLE. Or, almost TEN TIMES the huge mass-circulation of our own PLAIN TRUTH!!! In addition, the ads in Reader's Digest will make a considerable INCREASE in the circulation of The PLAIN TRUTH!

   After being off the air, myself, for about TEN YEARS, I am now back on, and the initial response has been encouraging beyond expectations. After being off so long, I almost dreaded getting before a microphone again. But now that the "ice is broken" so to speak, I am really enjoying it — and I feel I have some vitally important messages coming in the next few months.

   In every way, God's great Work is leaping ahead now, with renewed energy and enthusiasm — BIGGER THAN EVER.

   Yes, as I said a month ago, "ALL systems are GO!!"

   Yet, I have to remind you that the Work can GO only as fast as you Co-Workers do your part liberally, according as God has prospered and made possible. The financial need was never so great — and never more URGENT!

   THANK YOU, from the heart — and yet, we should ALL of us be thankful that the Great Creator of all allows us to have a part in His GREAT WORK WORLDWIDE!

With deep love, in Christ's name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: February 28, 1972
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