July 28, 1972  
July 28, 1972 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 


President and Pastor

July 28, 1972

Dear Family of Co-Workers:

   The most powerful door God has ever opened to get out His LAST MESSAGE — DAILY TELEVISION — is already under way!

   A few stations have found it necessary to put us on at 6:15 a.m. TEMPORARILY. These are to be moved to 6:30 just as soon as the stations can clear for us. A number of these are NBC Network stations, and on those we immediately precede the most watched of all daytime programs — NBC's "TODAY" program of morning news.

   We have opened the DAILY time on 25 stations so far, including the nation's number one independent station, WOR, New York. A program of this kind going on television DAILY is a NEW THING! In order to get started, we have had to start off with an early morning time, but we will keep working for a night time, when we will reach many more listeners. If we could get stations to clear a half-hour during the usual NEWS time — 5:00 to 7:30 p.m., the number of viewers would multiply many times over. It would cost a great deal more — but it would be worth it!

   We realize we will have to virtually build our own viewing audiences at this morning time varying from 6:30 to 8:30. We will use advertising in local newspapers, and short "promo" spots, like 20- or 30-second commercials at other times to call attention to our program.

   Due to the morning times we are having to take, we cannot expect a sudden influx of millions of letters immediately, of course — but it will BUILD, and GROW, just as this Work has always had to do. It started the very SMALLEST, and has grown to the BIGGEST — and it will do the same on DAILY TV!

   The BIG POINT is, that this is the MOST EFFECTIVE way that could possibly be used to get Christ's vital and final MESSAGE to people.

   My son, Garner Ted Armstrong, now has 30 of the NEW half- hour programs recorded, and he is producing these programs at the rate of six every week. For the first four weeks, we are repeating the documentary-type programs, so that we could get started immediately with the DAILY telecasting, and at the same time build up a backlog, so that when Garner Ted needs to be away, he can do so and still keep the programs on the air six days a week.

   We had a really INSPIRING and profitable conference in my home last Saturday night, making plans in detail for Garner Ted's Personal Appearance meetings. Present were Garner Ted; Mr. Albert J. Portune, Vice President for Financial Affairs and Planning; Dr. Roderick C. Meredith, now Deputy Chancellor at the Pasadena campus — which makes him the acting administrator of the College at the Headquarters campus; Mr. David Antion, Director of Church Administration; Mr. Ronald Dart, Director of the Foreign Work (including Canada); Mr. Joe Bauer, who will M.C. the Personal Appearance meetings; and Mr. Gary Prather, Chorale and Band Director.

   The first of these Personal Appearance meetings will be held at Calgary, Alberta. It is planned that these Personal Appearance meetings will be held in each city three nights - Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. The first such meetings will be held in the large auditorium at Calgary, August 25, 26 and 27. My son, Ted, visited Calgary this past week to complete advance preparations for this three-night campaign.

   At this first Personal Appearance, we will send an abbreviated band, and also an abbreviated chorale, selected from the Pasadena and Texas campuses, besides Mr. Bauer. It may not be possible to send the chorale to such meetings after the next college year begins, in September, but we hope to be able, if we cannot, to have Mr. Dan Truhitte go along to sing. He is now a student at Ambassador College, but has had some important parts in movies — including "The Sound of Music."

   One important thing discussed Saturday night was having these meetings TELEVISED — that is, recorded in full color on TV tape, to be put on television later, as special one-hour programs. That way, millions of people will be able to see and hear these special programs.

   The NEW "Three-Point Program" is now well under way. My son, Garner Ted, is putting his whole heart into it with great ENTHUSIASM. His new DAILY TV programs are quite DIFFERENT from the former documentary programs. They were more formal, filled with a great deal of TV photography and interviews with experts and specialists — and were secular, containing little of the Gospel Message. The new DAILY programs will not have so much in the way of picture illustrations, though just enough to make them effective, but they DO contain the real hard-hitting Gospel Message of the living CHRIST. I have seen a number of them, and they are, in my opinion FAR BETTER, and more effective, than the documentary type.

   In these new TV programs, Garner Ted is able to speak right out from the heart, in real earnest. They are better, too, because his whole heart is IN these new programs. I'm sure they are going to CHANGE THE LIVES OF MANY THOUSANDS!

   Co-Workers with the living Christ, this is a NEW START, in the most effective, the most POWERFUL Work of getting the dynamic, LIVING last warning Message out to a sick and dying world that has ever taken place.

   The living Christ is directing, inspiring, empowering and BLESSING it. He is constantly opening new doors before us! But, so far as OUR part goes, the RESULTS will depend more on OUR COMBINED earnest and heartrending PRAYERS for this great Work, than on my efforts, or my son's, or any of us having ACTIVE direct part in it. The real POWER must be that of God's Holy Spirit! If we are a real PRAYING Family of Co-Workers, RESULTS WILL BE THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME! I ask you to PRAY for this Work as never before. Pray for all of us, individually, who have the direct active responsibilities in it, even as I pray daily for every one of YOU!

   Let's SACRIFICE for this NEW START of the Work, that there will be sufficient financially to get it going more and more powerfully.

With deep love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: July 28, 1972
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