Bible Study Series - John H Ogwyn
Lesson 53 - The Life and Letters of Paul - I & II Thessalonians
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These represent the, really the second and third books that the Apostle Paul wrote, we went through Galatians the last time, of course laid the ground work of the beginning of Paul's Ministry and there's travel and in the aftermath of the events there in, that we went through last time in the book of Galatians, we find that Acts chapter 15 we forged the conference that occurred in Jerusalem over this issue of circumcision which continued to stir and it seemed like Paul of course had addressed Galatians and then once this conference was held it did resolve a lot of it and we don't find it being quite the same, quite as volatile on through the major book of Acts...

Transcript of this Bible Study Series coming.

Bible Study Series Date: October 8, 2002