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Who did Jesus say showed more repentance than his generation?
The people of Ninevah.

Luke 11:32
Bible Study Series - John H Ogwyn
Lesson 32 - Christ's Ministry Feast 30 A.D. - December 30 A.D.
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Well good evening; it is very good to see all of you here at Bible Study. We're continuing our survey of the Gospels this evening and what we're going to focus on here this evening starts the final year of Jesus life and as we have noted there's more, let's say increasing more material, more detail as we come down toward the final part of His life. We will pick up the story this evening during the time of the Feast of Tabernacles and the Last Great Day of 30 A.D., that actually not the last year, but the last 6 months of His life...

Transcript of this Bible Study Series coming.

Bible Study Series Date: October 3, 2000