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Who are we: Our maternal grandfather was an Eygptian priest. Mum's name was Asenath. We ultimately became the possessor of the birthright promises. We were supposed to teach the world God's way of life, but about all we did was to teach them cricket and baseball.
Ephraim and Manasseh

Genesis 41:45-50
Bible Study Series - John H Ogwyn
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Well good evening; it is very good to see all of you here this evening. We're continuing our Bible Study on the Old Testament, we finished up the book of Judges last time and this evening we're getting into the beginning of the books Samuel and Chronicles. Let's initially look at a little bit of background as to why we are covering Samuel and Chronicles, Samuel, Kings and Chronicles in the way that we are. The books of 1st and 2nd Samuel and 1st and 2nd Chronicles and Kings really make a four volume set...

NOTE, tape ends short (at about 1 hour) for some unknown reason. Please let us know if you have a complete version.

Transcript of this Bible Study Series coming.

Bible Study Series Date: June 8, 1999