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Who am I: My son is the father of the dark skinned races. I was one of the longest serving ship builders in the world. For over a year I served as a zoo keeper.

Genesis 6-10
Bible Study (Audio/Video)
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Psalms 74 verse 17; you might want to jot in your margin there. It's another verse that reminds you of the same thing; Psalms 74 verse 17 (Psalms 74:17). "Thou hast set all the borders of the earth:", and you know God really made the Blacks where they were best to dwell on the rich continent of Africa and God made the Orientals by their features, they're the best qualified to dwell in Asia; and God made the Shimites whereby their features, they're the best able to dwell in the territory that He put them in. God has set all the borders of the earth.

Transcript of this Bible Study coming.

Bible Study Date: 1979
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