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Who symbolized the head of gold in the interpretation of Daniel?
King Nebuchadnezzar.

Daniel 2:37-38
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We want to cover the subject of Church eras this evening. First I might make a few qualifying statements as far as why would I be presuming to go through the subject of Church eras. I think the longest Bible Study in modern history of the Church happened back in Chicago one time when we were having a series of Bible Studies on Church history and I still believe the reason for the almost midnight Bible Study, my watched stopped and I had taken the big boxes full of books on the Waldensians and it took a long session to try to cover the material we had on the Waldensians. Also I had accumulated material, for about 28 years, I think I have every book ever written on the Waldensians...

Transcript of this Bible Study coming.

Bible Study Date: Early 1980s