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Lesson 42 - What Will You Do For Eternity?
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Lesson 42 - What Will You Do For Eternity?

58 Lesson:
Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course

| 1965 10M169 | 1965 6M968 | 1965 1165 |

How will you spend eternity? Doing WHAT? This world's religions usually promise a heaven of idleness and ease as the reward of the saved. Most people consequently conceive of heaven as a place of rest a PLACE TO GO BUT WITH NOTHING TO DO WHEN YOU GET THERE! Heaven, to most people, is never-ending boredom, complete lack of activity set in a pastel landscape and cushioned from sensation by fleecy white clouds. It is a VIRTUAL NIRVANA awaiting those who pass by the "pearly gates." Does that sound like "heaven" to you?

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Note: Bible Study 58 - Lesson 42 - Test are supplied at the end of the 44th Lesson for Lesson 42 - 1965 Revision 6M968

Publication Date: 1965 6M968
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