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Lesson 32 - Beast to Enforce Sunday-
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Lesson 32 - Beast to Enforce Sunday-"Mark" Again!

58 Lesson:
Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course

| 1967 10M267 | 1967 5M768 | 1965 866 | 1963 1263 | 1963 565 |

WHAT THE "BEAST" once did, it is to do again!! Prophecy says the Satanically inspired "MARK OF THE BEAST" is SOON TO BE ENFORCED once AGAIN BY a revival of the CATHOLIC controlled "Holy Roman Empire." Only this time the "Holy Roman Empire" will be called by a new, modern name - possibly the one you are now reading about in newspapers and news magazines almost every day - "The United States of Europe"!! This Satanically inspired and directed CHURCH-STATE COMBINE WILL once again KILL ALL WHO REFUSE its SUNDAY "MARK"!

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58 Lesson - Test 8 for Lessons 29-32:
Revision: 1964 765

Publication Date: 1963 1263
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