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Lesson 28 - The Sabbath Is The Most Important Day!
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Lesson 28 - The Sabbath Is The Most Important Day!

58 Lesson:
Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course

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DO you know that Sabbath-keeping is so important that God performed a GREAT MIRACLE that extended over a period of FORTY YEARS? Yes, forty long years - the giving of MANNA from very heaven itself in order TO TEACH the Israelites EXACTLY WHICH DAY was the SABBATH! Why did God take utmost care to make sure that the Old Covenant Israelites knew which day was the Sabbath rest day? TO MAKE absolutely CERTAIN that the SABBATH DAY be KEPT as a day of rest! JESUS Christ, Himself, TOOK GREAT CARE TO KEEP THIS DAY throughout His life - it was His "custom"! And God's EARLY New Testament CHURCH, which Christ built through His twelve APOSTLES, KEPT this exact very same dry too!

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Publication Date: 1961 1262
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