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Lesson 20 - The Power of the Holy Spirit in Action!
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Lesson 20 - The Power of the Holy Spirit in Action!

58 Lesson:
Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course

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JESUS promised His disciples: "YE SHALL RECEIVE POWER, AFTER THAT THE HOLY SPIRIT IS COME UPON YOU" (Acts 1:8). What did Jesus mean by this statement? Is this the same power - the some spirit - that resided in Christ and enabled Him to obey God perfectly? HOW does Jesus' promise also APPLY TO YOU as an individual? You can know! Power Not Inherent! Practically no one today understands what the power of the Holy Spirit really is. Many have falsely assumed and vaguely thought of it as something "mystic" - a nebulous conception of nothingness - a hovering, fluttering "ghost"!

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58 Lesson - Test 5 for Lessons 17-20:
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Publication Date: 1959
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