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Lesson 12 - The Bible... Is It Fact or Fable?
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Lesson 12 - The Bible... Is It Fact or Fable?

58 Lesson:
Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course

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CAN it be proved that the Bible is an INSPIRED revelation from God for man? How can this be done, seeing there are so many different translations? And how can you be sure that if there were an original inspired revelation, given directly by God to the prophets and apostles, that it has been accurately preserved? - HOW CAN YOU KNOW it has not been corrupted beyond recognition? If the Bible is a Revelation from God for man, then why do we not hear of more PROOF outside the Bible - confirmation from history and archaeology - that the events of the Bible really happened and its great characters actually lived? Where is the proof that Joseph was in Egypt? - that Abraham and his ancestry really existed? - that David was actually king of Israel? - and, above all, that Christ and the apostles were known by their Jewish and Gentile contemporaries? Yes, where is the proof? It is time we studied to prove whether the Bible is fact or fable.

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Publication Date: 1956
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