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Lesson 11 - Creation Proves the Bible True
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Lesson 11 - Creation Proves the Bible True

58 Lesson:
Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course

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| 1956 |

DO YOU know your BIBLE MEANS EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS? - do you know its statements must be accepted literally? - that its symbols are interpreted for us in Scripture? This is the exciting truth! But the world does not believe this amazing fact. Today not a single church denomination really teaches this is so. And yet it is so - PROVABLY SO! People exclaim to us, "Why, you take what the Bible says literally!" People today either believe the Bible does not mean quite what it says - and therefore that God does not mean quite what He says, or, people are led to disbelieve the Bible entirely and reject the fact that there is a God. This attitude, in you, could cause you to lose your salvation!

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Publication Date: 1956
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