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God Speaks Out on "The New Morality"
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Chapter 2

Where Is the Authority for Moral Codes?

   TODAY we see a world in revolt. The rebellion against medieval moral repression is sweeping the occidental world.
   But WHERE are the rebels going? They don't exactly know. They know they will never return to former prudery. But they are confused. They are groping for some AUTHORITY for morals. Blindly they seek a "New Morality" which will approve IMmorality.
   They no longer accept Roman Catholic authority. The Protestants never exercised authority.
   College students, teen-agers, mixed-up married people — all look helplessly and hopingly toward the supposed modern professional leaders of moral and social standards — the psychiatrists, the doctors, scientists, and educators.
   These professional men have been leading them in the moral rebellion — but in no definite and certain direction they conscientiously can approve. And when the blind lead the blind, they all fall into the ditch.
   These "authorities" put a proud look on their faces and say: "I think," "I feel," "I guess," "We may well suppose," "It seems to me," "We are coming to believe," or "Here's the way I look at it." In their blind indecision they reject the one Supreme AUTHORITY on morals. They deny the God who made them, and refuse to acknowledge the authority of His INSTRUCTION BOOK He sent along with His product!
   Yes, just what IS the Holy BIBLE? Few seem to know!
   It is the Maker's Instruction Book! But these professional leaders have never sought the PROOFS. If they were truly scientific, they would PROVE whether God exists — whether the Bible is His inspired Word!
   Do you know WHY these "authorities" do not look at the PROOFS, but blandly throw God's revelation out the window? They regard it as a RIVAL! God's BOOK is the true Book of AUTHORITY! God Almighty is Himself the one and only supreme AUTHORITY! But these little men in their silly vanity have coveted that prerogative for themselves. They like to be accepted by a deceived people as "AUTHORITIES."
   But be honest! Ask yourself: Does a real AUTHORITY speak their language? Does a true AUTHORITY say: "Of course we know little, as yet, but we may well SUPPOSE thus and so"? That is the language of the doctor, the scientist, the psychologist. The doctor practices medicine. Yes, that's right, he practices — on You! The scientist experiments. He doesn't KNOW — he postulates — he has a THEORY — he dreams up a HYPOTHESIS!
   Jesus Christ was the SON OF GOD! Jesus Christ spoke with AUTHORITY! He didn't guess — He KNEW!
   A young lawyer came to Jesus and asked, "What must I do to inherit eternal life?" Can you imagine Jesus answering in the terms of the modern minister, the scientist, psychiatrist, or doctor? Can you imagine Jesus answering, "Well, of course we don't know much about that, as yet, BUT, we may well SUPPOSE thus and so, and I FEEL this or that way about it, and IN MY VIEW, it may safely be assumed, etc., etc."?
   You can PROVE the existence of God. You can prove it by the discoveries and laws of science. Not by postulates, but by proven facts of science. You can prove it by fulfilled prophecy. You can prove it by logic and rational reason. You can prove it by the laws of NATURE, and the very existence of LAW and ORDER in the created universe.
   You can PROVE that the BIBLE is the very inspired WORD of the Supreme, Almighty, All-intelligent, Personal GOD, the CREATOR. So could these gentlemen who pose as "authorities" if they could deflate their egos and open their closed minds long enough to look at the proofs.
   You can prove inspiration by fulfilled PROPHECY — by the facts of archaeology — by answered prayer — by other infallible proofs. It is so PROVABLE that only the FOOL has said in his heart, "There is no God" (Ps. 14:1). (Read our free booklets — "Does God Exist?" and "Proof of the Bible.")
   Yet, it seems almost no one knows what the Bible really IS.

Original Manual of Sex

   The Bible is our Maker's Instruction Book. When you purchase an automobile or electrical appliance, the maker sends with it an instruction book. This instruction book explains the purpose of the mechanism, what it is expected to do, and how to operate it.
   The human individual — mind and body — is the most wonderful mechanism ever produced. With this human mechanism, the divine Maker sent along His Instruction Book. It reveals the PURPOSE for which we were placed on this earth. It instructs in the proper operation of this human mechanism so that it will accomplish its divinely intended PURPOSE.
   This is basic KNOWLEDGE. It is knowledge not otherwise accessible to or discoverable by man. It is the FOUNDATION of all knowledge. It provides the right approach to the acquisition of discoverable knowledge.
   For example. Educators do not know, scientists have never discovered, philosophers have never reasoned out, the real WHY of human existence. Is there, after all, real MEANING to life? What is THE WAY to accomplishment of the divine PURPOSE?
   What is THE WAY to PEACE? The world's statesmen and rulers do not know. The scientists do not know; they can only invent and produce more terrifying weapons of mass destruction. What is THE WAY to happiness? Money? Those who have acquired it were seldom happy.
   WHY do we get sick? What is THE WAY to perfect health? The doctors don't know.
   God's Instruction Book is the only source of this BASIC KNOWLEDGE. It reveals PURPOSES and invisible but inexorable LAWS that govern peace, health, prosperity, contentment, happiness, joy, and eternal life. It reveals the PURPOSES of sex, and the uses that lead to true happiness!
   And this knowledge, in turn, provides the only right approach to acquiring discoverable knowledge.
   God did not equip humans with instinct. But He did supply us with MINDS. He gave us eyes, so we can see. We can hear, taste, smell, and feel. Additional knowledge is accessible through these five sensory channels. We can retain in memory what we see, hear, or learn. We can reason, think, plan, imagine, design. We can explore, investigate, examine, measure.
   God gave us hands. The human hand is a marvelous mechanism. If an animal could be given a MIND with which to design and plan, it still could not make and build, with hoofs, paws or claws, what MAN is able to construct and produce with human hands. So man can invent and produce instruments, test tubes, laboratories, microscopes, telescopes, with which to pursue further knowledge.

Evolution False Approach to Sex

   But, unless he possesses the right FOUNDATION on which to build, and the right approach to this discoverable knowledge, he fails rightly to UNDERSTAND or EXPLAIN or USE what edge. But not from the true FOUNDATION, or with the right approach.
   The accepted concept, used as the approach to knowledge today, is the theory of evolution. Evolution is the skeptics' false explanation of the presence of a CREATION — including sex — without a CREATOR.
   There is NO PROOF for evolution. There are assumed contributing or supporting factors, but they do not constitute PROOF. At best they could add what could appear logical support to something otherwise proved. I have disproved the evolutionary hypothesis — by FACTUAL, rational and positive proofs. I have PROVED the existence of God, the AUTHORITY of the Bible, and therefore the FACT of CREATION.
   But no scientist has ever disproved the existence of God, or the inspiration and authority of the Bible; nor has any scientist PROVED the evolutionary theory to be true in actual fact.
   I have before me, as I write, a recent book on the physiology and technique of marriage. It has enjoyed a wide circulation. The author is a well-known physician in Europe. He is learned in the knowledge possessed by the doctors, the biologists, the psychiatrists, the marriage counsellors and the sexologists. All his knowledge, however, is physical. This author has no FOUNDATION under his half-knowledge. He lacks the true approach.
   In his Chapter 2, he approaches the PURPOSE and FUNCTIONING of sex from the false assumption that evolution is a fact. He notes the differences between animals and humans, and reasons that ideal marriage has developed through aeons of time from the animal state to the human potential.
   He is ignorant of the true PURPOSES of sex in humans. Therefore he is rendered incompetent to teach his readers the right attitude toward, or the proper use and functioning of sex in the human family.
   In all this avalanche of sex literature being hurled at the public today, we have yet to find a single book or an article based on this true FOUNDATION, and approached with this vital knowledge.
   Indeed, while the Bible is the FOUNDATION of all knowledge — whether history, science, anthropology, religion, sex, or whatever — there is possibly no field in which this basic revelation and concept is more vital than in this area of sex and marriage.

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Publication Date: 1964
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