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Events of the next five years may prove this to be the most significant book of this century.

People of the Western World would be STUNNED! DUMB-FOUNDED! if they knew!

The governments of the United States, Britain, Canada, Australasia, South Africa, would immediately institute drastic changes in foreign Policy would set in motion gigantic crash programs IF THEY KNEW!



   A STAGGERING TURN in world events is due to erupt in the next four to seven years. It will involve violently the United States, Britain, Western Europe, the Middle East.
   It's already rather late for the free world to come awake to the real meaning behind current world events!
   Why do not the world's leaders see what is coming? Why are the world's best minds unseeing the heads of state, scientists, educators, editors, news analysts, bankers, industrialists, leaders in business and commerce?
   They are totally unaware!
   Because they have been falsely educated and deceived into closing their minds to the great causes behind world events and trends. This world has been falsely educated to ignore causes, and deal with effects! Yet all the world's problems and ills are, simply, a matter of cause and effect.
   There is a cause that has produced strife and war; poverty, wretchedness, inequality; crime, disease, mental ills. But the leaders do not know!

World-Explosion Soon to Erupt

   The world's leaders are the educated of the world. But they were not educated in basic truths the foundations of right knowledge. The most necessary knowledge is not being taught!
   They do not know what man is or why! They know nothing of the Purpose or MEANING of life! They were not taught to distinguish the true values from the false.
   They did not learn the real CAUSES the way to peace, to happiness, to universal abundance. Nor, the CAUSES of war, unhappiness, inequality, world-chaos.
   They know nothing of the Purpose being worked out here below. Consequently they guide humanity on a course in conflict with that Purpose, wreaking havoc upon a distressed, suffering, unhappy mankind.
   Lacking knowledge of the way to peace the world does not have peace! Leaders talk of peace they profess to work for peace they cry out for peace while they give approval and blind acceptance to the way that produces war!
   This world has simply been going the wrong WAY!
   This world is giving assent, and conferring civilization's acceptance on the ways that are the causes of all the world's ills.
   And now we are fast approaching the final grand smash explosion that is going to stagger the minds of man beyond the bounds of sanity!
   Forces are at work today on plans, programs, conspiracies, movements, that soon will erupt into a world-explosion of violence and chaos such as never happened before, and never will again! Men today are tampering with forces of nature they lack the prudence, knowledge, ability and wisdom to control.
   In this folly of educated ignorance, it has become fashionable today and intellectually titillating to ignore the great basic cause of all things the pact of the Purpose being worked out here below, and of the Master Plan for its working out of the invisible but Supreme Power now soon to intervene and drastically alter the course of history before mankind blasts itself out of existence!
   Unreal though it may seem to those steeped in modern educational deceptions, some 2,500 years ago the Supreme Power of the Universe inspired a man named Isaiah to write, quoting Him thus: "I am God, and there is none like me, declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, 'My counsel shall stand'" (Isaiah 46:9-10).
   The great world Powers are formulating their policies laying their plans. But the next five to seven years will see astounding events explode in a manner very different than the nations plan! WHY?

Never a Miss!

   Because there is the Great God who says: "The Eternal wrecks the purposes of pagans; He brings to nothing what the nations plan: but the Eternal's purpose stands forever, and what He plans will last from age to age... The Eternal looks from heaven, beholding all mankind: from where He sits, He scans all who inhabit the world; He who alone made their minds, He notes all they do" (Psalm 33:10-15, Moffatt translation).
   This same Eternal God said, "To whom, then, will ye liken me? or shall I be equal? saith the Holy One. Lift up your eyes on high, and behold who hath created these things..." And again, "Behold the nations are as a drop of a bucket, and are counted as the small dust of the balance... all nations before Him are as nothing..." (Isaiah 40:25-26, 15, 17).
   Through His inspired Prophets, the Great God caused to be written, some 2,500 years ago, and preserved in writing to our time, prophecies filling approximately a third of the whole Bible. In them, He named every city of consequence of that time on earth and also, every nation! And He foretold precisely what would, through the years, happen to every city and every nation!
   In every instance, the prophecies came to pass!
   What was prophesied happened to Babylon, to Tyre, Sidon, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Ekron to Egypt, Assyria, Chaldea, Persia, Greece and Rome!
   There has not been a miss! Those prophecies were accurate.
   For the astounding proof, write for the free booklet, The Proof of the Bible. Leaders in government men of science are without excuse when they dismiss without examination such astounding evidence of prophetic accuracy.
   And now, in other prophecies, the same supreme God has foretold precisely what is going to happen to the United States, the British nations, Western Europe, the Middle East, Russia!

Best Minds Total Ignorance

   Yet the best minds in the world are in total ignorance of the unprecedented cataclysm that is about to strike!
   And why have these prophecies not been understood or believed?
   Because the vital key that unlocks prophecy to our understanding had been lost. That key is the identity of the United States and the British peoples in Biblical prophecy.
   That key has been found!
   We present it to those whose unprejudiced eyes are willing to see, in this book.
   The events prophesied to strike the American and British peoples in the next four to seven years are sure!
   That is why events of the next four to seven years may prove this to be the most significant book of this century.
   God says: "Surely the Lord Eternal will do nothing, but He revealeth His secret unto His servants the prophets" (Amos 3:7).
   These colossal world events, shrinking the first two world wars into insignificance, well come, on schedule, but not until the warning has been made available for those whose eyes are willing to see. This book gives you the key that will unlock closed doors!

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Publication Date: 1967
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