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Why Marriage? It's Not Obsolete!
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Why Marriage? It's Not Obsolete!

Marriage was on the way out, some psychologists assured us in the 1970s! How wrong they were. They utterly failed to foresee the herpes scare and the spread of AIDS. How and when did marriage originate? Does it, after all, serve any necessary purpose? Is adultery still wrong? What about surrogate parenthood? This booklet takes a new look at the institutions of marriage, the home, and family life-and reveals a startling truth altogether overlooked by science, by religion, by education, and by society! SOME psychologists, taking a look in the 1970s at the institution of marriage, voiced shocking predictions for its future. In their professional eyes, the trend toward obsolescence of the marriage custom was unstoppable. Astonishing? Yes, indeed! How short in foresight they were. They should have anticipated the spread of sexually transmitted diseases by "free sex" and the logical reaction: to restore sex to the married state. Though marriages are still breaking down around us, the usefulness and desirability of the custom is being seriously reconsidered by numerous writers and public figures today.

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Publication Date: 1987
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