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Daniel 4:33
Principles of Healthful Living
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Principles of Healthful Living

Immutable laws govern the universe, acting upon everything and everyone. Ignorance of them does not suspend or annul their effect. Health and happiness result when we are in harmony with them; painful penalties are reaped when we break them. Health is not an accident - nor is disease. There are causes for every effect! It is not the purpose of this booklet to give specific diet or therapeutic treatment for illness, but to give understanding and awareness of basic, living laws of radiant health. Laws of radiant health; IN SPITE of improved methods of early detection I and treatment, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, tuberculosis, and other plagues peculiar to modern "civilization" continue to exact a frightening toll. Few people in the world are free of disabilities or health problems of some kind. What is your condition? Are you bubbling over with energy and enthusiasm? Are you free from all aches, pains and sickness? Do you enjoy the kind of vigorous, dynamic health that makes it seem good to be alive? Or are you among the millions who are just half-well?

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Publication Date: 1985
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