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One of the tribes of Israel "is a fruitful bough ...whose branches run over the wall". Which tribe is referred to in this scripture?

Genesis 49:22
Who Will Rule Space?
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Who Will Rule Space?

Who will rule Space? World leaders know the first nation to conquer SPACE will RULE THE WORLD! Fantastic advances are made almost daily in the race to send men to the moon - but what does it all mean? WHY the expenditure of BILLIONS on the Space race? Is Space exploration only innocent "science" seeking to further its fund of knowledge concerning man's environment? Here are the shocking answers! TODAY - you live in the SPACE AGE! In just the past few short years, the startling accomplishments of science have hurtled this world through the machine age, into the atomic age, and now on to a new frontier - the Space age! This startling transition has begun to alter every aspect of our lives! A recent issue of LIFE magazine highlighted this change. It reported: "An enormous new industry - one that hardly existed 10 years ago - is already starting to turn out the rockets and spacecraft that will be used on lunar missions and beyond....

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Publication Date: 1966
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