John Beaver  
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Title: Festival of Music 3
Category: Perhaps Love
Cassette 3: Side A
Song Title: Serenade
Composer: Sigmund Romberg
Tenor Solo: Performed by John Beaver

Ambassador College - Young Ambassadors


   Overhead the moon is beaming
   White as blossoms on the bough
   Nothing is heard but the song of a bird
   Filling all the air with dreaming

   Could my heart but still its beating
   Only you can tell it how
   Beloved, from your window give me greeting
   Hear my eternal vow

Soft in the trees
Sighs the echo of my longing
While all around you my dreams of rapture throng
Visions glowing around me thronging

My soul, my joy, my hope, my fear
Your heart must tell you that I am near
Lean from above
While I pour out my love
For you know to my life you are love

Oh, hear my longing cry
Oh, love me or I die
Love me


I pledge my eternal love