The Tree of Life
Young Ambassadors  
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Title: Festival of Music 2
Category: Special Music Originals
Cassette 2: Side B
Song Title: The Tree of Life
Composer: Ross F Jutsum
Performed by: The Young Ambassadors

Ambassador College - Young Ambassadors

When Eve and Adam were placed on earth
You'd think they had nothing to lose
With all of the blessings they'd ever need
Two trees they were given to choose
Between the knowledge of good and bad
And the way to lead them to life
They set the world on a dangerous course
That has always led to strife


   Partake of the tree of life, my friend
   A wonderful blessing to give
   Together we'll sing, or voices blend
   Together we're learning to live
   A life filled with health and happiness
   With faith and patience and peace
   A life full of goodness and gentleness
   Where love and joy never cease
   Partake of the tree of life, my friend
   A foretaste of how it will be
   Be sure to endure unto the end
   Inherit God's own Family

The root of the tree is our Father God
The trunk is the Spirit He gives
The branches show us the way to love
And live every day as He lives
The fruit He grows shows us how to love
Our fellow man as we should
The tree of life comes from God above
And produces nothing but good


Our God is so great and so merciful
Not willing that any should die
He watches over His Family
And He hears every sigh, every cry
His ears are open unto our prayers
He hears our every request
His love extends so much farther than
The east is from the west