The French-Speaking Peoples In Prophecy
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The French-Speaking Peoples In Prophecy

Table of Contents:

The Reasons for the Uncertainty of History

Chapter 1:
The History of the Israelites

Chapter 2:
Captivity and Liberation

Chapter 3:
The Ancient Inhabitants of France

Chapter 4:
The Cimbri and the Cimmerians

Chapter 5:
The Celts and the Gauls

Chapter 6:
The Origin of Their Name

Chapter 7:
The Language of the Celts

Chapter 8:
Comparison of Characteristics

Chapter 9:
The Druids and the Dolmens

Chapter 10:
The Oak and the Gods of the Druids

Chapter 11:
Rites and Customs Among the Two Peoples

Chapter 12:
The Franks

The Future According to Prophecy

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Publication Date: 1961
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