Key to Northwest European Origins
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Key to Northwest European Origins


A Thesis
Presented to the
Faculty of the
Ambassador College
Graduate School of Theology

In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for the Degree of
Masters of Arts in Theology

Raymond F. McNair
May 1963

    The ORIGIN of the peoples of NORTH-WESTERN EUROPE has occasioned much controversy! As a result, a considerable amount of confusion has been generated over the question of the racial affinities of the various branches of those peoples who inhabit primarily the coastlands, islands and peninsulas of North-western Europe.
   The Bible clearly reveals the origins of the ANGLO-SAXON-KELTIC peoples who inhabit North-western Europe—and those territories colonized by them! The Scriptures are abundantly clear and convincing on this point.
   The primary purpose of this thesis, however, is to furnish HISTORICAL, and ARCHAEOLOGICAL PROOF — tracing the racial origins of these Anglo-Saxon-Keltic peoples of North-west Europe who, in modern times, have become the dominant nations of the earth!
   The eleventh edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, commonly called the "Scholar's Edition," has been used when possible in preference to later editions.
   The appropriate map should always be consulted as the various peoples and areas are studied, thereby enabling the reader to better comprehend the points under consideration.
   Chronology is a very controversial subject. In this thesis, however, Biblical dates used are those which Archbishop Ussher worked out — since they are deemed to be fairly accurate in most instances. Besides, exact Biblical dates are not essential in this work. (See Appendix II).
   It is sincerely hoped that any repetition in this work will always serve to: (1) emphasize, (2) clarify and (3) convince the reader of the validity of the assertions, by giving verbatim many different reliable references to substantiate each point beyond question!
   The length of the quotations has been pared back (only the essential part being given) in order to keep the amount of quoted material to a minimum. Emphasis in all quotations is that of the author, unless otherwise stated!

London, England.
May, 1963

Raymond F. McNair

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Publication Date: May 1963
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