The Plain Truth About The Waldensians
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The Plain Truth About The Waldensians


   Why was there so much interest in times past in a religious group hidden away in the Alps of Northern Italy, Switzerland, and Southeastern France named Waldensians? Who were these people? What part do they really play in the history of religions and churches? Were they truly reformers before the Reformation? Did they actually descend directly from the Apostles as some claim? Why was it important enough in the English Reformation that large sums of money were spent in sending personal representatives to the countries directly to do research on these peoples? What truly happened to the personal histories of these people which were admitted into the Cambridge University Library in England and then mysteriously disappeared? This remains a mystery unsolved until this very day!
   Were things found in these original histories written from the earliest times by their own people that undercut their use by the English Reformers to stretch their history to the Apostles without going through the Catholic Church?
   What really were the true doctrines of the earlier Waldensians? Do these beliefs refute or substantiate the claim of the Baptists, Churches of Christ, Presbyterians, Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses and so many other churches that they are their ancestors? Could they really have been the ancestors of all these churches with their tremendously [Text Missing Here]
   These and many other similar questions will this research into The Plain Truth About the Waldensians.

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Publication Date: 1974
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