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Just What is Sin? Just What is Sin?
Herbert W Armstrong - January 11, 1982 - 82-05

Just what do you mean by the word sin? Just what is sin? What is the Bible definition? You know, about 45 years ago up in the town of Springfield, Oregon, an evangelist from Los Angeles was holding a tent evangelistic campaign. He had brought along with him about four or five young men of college ag ...View Transcript

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Revelation - The Final Solution Revelation - The Final Solution
Herbert W Armstrong - January 5, 1982 - 82-04

And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and I saw a beast rising up out of the sea, having seven heads and 10 horns, and upon his horns, 10 crowns, and upon his heads, the names of blasphemy. And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and the feet were the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the ...View Transcript

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Mideast Special - Part 1 Mideast Special - Part 1
Herbert W Armstrong - January 3, 1982 - SP-42

Keep your eyes on the Middle East. Our number one problem in this world now is the problem of human survival. And from now on, the number one trouble spot is going to be the Middle East. The boiling cauldron in the Middle East continues to boil over. Now, a little over a year ago, I had a personal m ...View Transcript

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Revelation - The Final Crisis Revelation - The Final Crisis
Herbert W Armstrong - December 31, 1981 - 82-03

Are there any left in the world today to whom the world attributes greatness? Perhaps the last of the so-called great of the world was Winston Churchill. And he said during World War II, in a visit to the United States before the United States Congress in Washington, "There is a purpose being worked ...View Transcript

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Revelation - Great Tribulation Revelation - Great Tribulation
Herbert W Armstrong - December 18, 1981 - 82-02

What catastrophic, world-shaking news event is going to explode on this world and stagger all of us next? You know, it's all foretold and predicted in a book, and it's absolutely certain to happen. Now, that book happens to be the world's number one seller at this time. That book is the Bible, ...View Transcript

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The Plain Truth About Christmas The Plain Truth About Christmas
Herbert W Armstrong - December 4, 1981 - SP-41

Why Christmas? Why do people observe it? What keeps Christmas going? The Plain Truth about Christmas. It will open your eyes. At this season of the year, there is a phenomenon that is playing a big part in your life and the lives of other people all over this world. I refer to the phenomenon of Chri ...View Transcript

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Revelation - End of Satan's Age Revelation - End of Satan's Age
Herbert W Armstrong - December 3, 1981 - 82-01

Did you ever visit a King on his throne, the actual throne on which a King sits today and where he rules over the nation is actually his private office where he works. For example in the United States, it is the Oval Room in the White House, there's no other throne ruling over the people of the Un ...View Transcript

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Revelation - Day of the Lord Revelation - Day of the Lord
Herbert W Armstrong - December 1, 1981 - 81-33

I wonder if you ever thought of the position that Jesus Christ is in today. God created all things by Jesus Christ as you read in the 3rd chapter of Ephesians in verse 9 and yet today satan the devil is sitting on the throne of the earth and invisibly ruling all nations of this earth. He's invisib ...View Transcript

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Revelation - End-Time Prophecies Revelation - End-Time Prophecies
Herbert W Armstrong - November 20, 1981 - 81-32

Recently the European press especially in France and in Belgium have devoted a great deal of space to the predictions of the 16th century Nostradamus. However, the interpretations of his prophecies seem always to have been made after the event happened and not before. People always seem to be intere ...View Transcript

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The Knowledge Paradox The Knowledge Paradox
Herbert W Armstrong - November 13, 1981 - 81-31

A brilliant minded and highly educated doctor of philosophy might ask today, how much education did Jesus Christ have? After all, there's no record of His having gone to any University if they had such Universities in that day as we have today. Today one goes to school and finally to the Universit ...View Transcript

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Born Again? Who and How? Born Again? Who and How?
Herbert W Armstrong - November 9, 1981 - 81-30

Before the last presidential election we heard a great deal from people claiming to be born again Christians, I think a lot of people wonder just what do they mean by being born again and I wonder if they themselves knew what it means to be born again. We're living in a time of religious confusion ...View Transcript

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Never Before Understood Never Before Understood
Herbert W Armstrong - November 2, 1981 - 81-29

I want to bring you now something never understood until this time, something of tremendous importance. I ask you, why? And I'm going to answer, why do we live in a world of such awesome progress, such remarkable advancement as we're having in this 20th century, and still at the same time, such ...View Transcript

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A Tribute to Anwar Sadat A Tribute to Anwar Sadat
Herbert W Armstrong - October 10, 1981 - SP-39A

On Tuesday, October 6th, 1981, in a matter of moments, the entire course of world history suddenly was changed. The assassination of President Anwar Sadat of Egypt following closely, as it did on the attempted assassinations of President Ronald Reagan of the United States and Pope John Paul the Seco ...View Transcript

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What Happens After Death? What Happens After Death?
Herbert W Armstrong - September 23, 1981 - 81-28

Greetings, you have loved ones who have died. Where are they now? Are they seeing you? Are you going to see them again? And when, and how do they know what you're doing, now? Well, how do you know what happens when you die? How do you know where your loved ones are and what has happened to them an ...View Transcript

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Middle East - The Quest for Peace Middle East - The Quest for Peace
Herbert W Armstrong - June 25, 1981 - SP-39

We can see now that we shall have no walls again. We shall sit together around the table to negotiate and settle no more wars, peace, real peace, and forever. It is in this human spirit that I say to you with all my heart, Shalom. The Middle East, a land of centuries-old conflict. But also, the land ...View Transcript

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