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Listen to  I Corinthians 3-4 I Corinthians 3-4
Herbert W Armstrong - July 25, 1980

In just continuing where we left off last Sabbath, and I brethren could not speak unto you, now he's speaking you remember to the Church at Corinth and remember as I said last week this is just a continuing of the letter, we just left off with part of the letter and we're going right on this is ...View Transcript

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Listen to  I Corinthians 5-6 I Corinthians 5-6
Herbert W Armstrong - August 8, 1980

The 5th chapter of the book of I Corinthians and I just thought there was something I was writing a little on this morning that I think would make a very good preface it would fit right in with this study we're in things about the Church in Paul's letter to the Church at Corinth I think this wou ...

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Listen to  I Corinthians 7 I Corinthians 7
Herbert W Armstrong - August 15, 1980

We'll start today in the 7th chapter of I Corinthians and I think again I will sort of go on with the revised standard edition, I'll have the King James right here beside me anyway if I need to refer to it occasionally, but I am familiar with it too. And I don't know if we need to go back as I ...View Transcript

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Listen to  I Corinthians 8-9 I Corinthians 8-9
Herbert W Armstrong - August 22, 1980

Now we've covered the first 7 chapters of I Corinthians and the 7th was one of the very outstanding chapters, now we come to the 8th. Remember that I Corinthians is a corrective letter that Paul was writing there were things wrong up in Corinth in the Church and we saw in the 5th chapter there was ...

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Listen to  I Corinthians 10-11 I Corinthians 10-11
Herbert W Armstrong - August 29, 1980

I have been using the Revised Standard, the last couple Sabbaths and I think I will continue in that. Now it may have been many months, or even a year or two or so since I've read this 10th chapter I Corinthians, but we will go into it anyway. This is part of a long letter, now listen to me if I w ...

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Listen to  I Corinthians 12 I Corinthians 12
Herbert W Armstrong - September 5, 1980

Now we've been coming through this book of I Corinthians and as I have said before in previous lessons it is corrective some things are wrong in the Corinthian Church and Paul is setting some things straight, now in the Church of God in our time and in our day here in this latter half of the twent ...

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Listen to  I Corinthians 13-14 I Corinthians 13-14
Herbert W Armstrong - September 12, 1980

But if I have no love, I am a noisy gong or a tingling cymbal. Now Moffat uses the word love, where in the King James it uses the word charity and no in the Revised Standard it uses love too. Love is better than charity; I don't know why they didn't use it. People so often misunderstand the word ...

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Listen to  I Corinthians 15 I Corinthians 15
Herbert W Armstrong - October 3, 1980

Well now we've been going through, we've had Romans and Galatians and now we're coming near the end of I Corinthians and if I remember correctly it's been three or four weeks now since we have had one of these studies, but I think we're up to the 15th chapter of I Corinthians, which is one ...

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Listen to  I Corinthians 16 & II Corinthians 1-3 I Corinthians 16 & II Corinthians 1-3
Herbert W Armstrong - October 10, 1980

So now we have come to the 16th chapter of I Corinthians the last chapter. Now remember there are 16 chapters if I would write anyone a letter as long as I Corinthians all 16 chapters, now remember that's just one letter that Paul wrote to the people up in Corinth and I tell you I have taken about ...

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Listen to  II Corinthians 4-5 II Corinthians 4-5
Herbert W Armstrong - October 17, 1980

Well then we are ready to begin with the 4th chapter of II Corinthians, therefore having, see Paul just containing, this is in the middle of a letter, you know I write letters and I must write another letter tomorrow to all of our membership and Co-workers and I expect to write a letter probably aft ...

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Listen to  II Corinthians 6-7 II Corinthians 6-7
Herbert W Armstrong - October 24, 1980

So here we are in Paul's letter to the Corinthians, in II Corinthians, now let's see, I've been using the Revised Standard Translation, I would like to get it open too. And we're ready to begin chapter 6 is that correct? I normal use the King James and I have it here, but I'm going to read ...

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Listen to  II Corinthians 8 II Corinthians 8
Herbert W Armstrong - October 31, 1980

So many laws that every policeman is supposed to enforce that he couldn't remember 1/10th of them if he had to, if you take all of the local laws and ordinances the State laws the National laws that he is suppose to enforce, there are so many laws, God's law is not like that, God's law comes w ...

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Listen to  II Corinthians 9-10 II Corinthians 9-10
Herbert W Armstrong - November 7, 1980

Now it is Stephanas told me to write you about the offering of the Saints, I was looking this over this morning and I thought I covered that last time, but he must of mentioned that I guess the 8th chapter too. They were having a drought and difficulty down in Jerusalem and some of the brethren ther ...

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Listen to  II Corinthians 11 II Corinthians 11
Herbert W Armstrong - November 14, 1980

Well now we're going to finish Paul's letters to the Church at Corinth. He wrote two different letters and we're just finishing up the second one today. I'd like to go back a little bit just by the briefest review in I Corinthians, Paul thank God for the grace given to them at the Church of ...

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Listen to  I Corinthians - Review I Corinthians - Review
Herbert W Armstrong - November 21, 1980

I've made a few notes here to start out with. Paul's first letter to the Corinthians was corrective. He corrected them for not all speaking the same thing - they wanted to choose different men to follow. We are in danger of going to the opposite extreme. I find that there is a tendency in the Ch ...View Transcript

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