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Timeline: The Crucifixion of Christ or The Fulfillment of Passover Timeline: The Crucifixion of Christ or The Fulfillment of Passover
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Christ's death was prophesied (Gen. 3:15) and prefigured in animal sacrifices (Gen. 3:21, 4:4) immediately after the first sin. The one doctrine that ALL "Christianity" believes in is that Christ died to save sinners (Rom. 5:6, 8). Passover symbolizes this first step in God's plan of s ...

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Passover Examination Passover Examination
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Sermon   -  March 4, 1982

In just two weeks and three days will come the Passover once again. What, after all, is the real meaning of the Passover? We take it every year. I forgot to count the number of years that this will be for me. I think it's about fifty-six at least, maybe fifty-seven. I'll have to count it again. ...

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Passover In Your Home Passover In Your Home
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Sermon   -  April 17, 1981

If you are eligible to take the PASSOVER, but unable to meet with one of God's Churches at the prescribed time, you may observe it in your own home alone or with other eligible members of your family as follows: ...

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Passover Passover
Dean C Blackwell  -  Sermon   -  1978

In the New Testament, one of the days that this Church has in common with all other churches even though it's given many names, called the Ucrith. Now where in the world did you get that name? Ucrith, are we going to run across that name here in I Corinthians 11 or Matthew 26 or, you know I for ye ...

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Understanding Passover Understanding Passover
Carn A Catherwood  -  Sermon

In barely one week, that is one week less a day, Friday evening, the people of the Church of God will be coming together around the world to observe Passover which is a night service, I hope you realize why it is a night service; it's a deeply moving time. It must be held in the evening, it is a h ...

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Examine Yourselves Examine Yourselves
John H Ogwyn  -  Sermon   -  February 23, 2002

As was mentioned in the sermonette, we are very rapidly approaching the Passover and as we approach Passover it is appropriate that we think in terms of self-examination, you know God's Festivals outline the whole plan of redemption and the world fundamentally misunderstands, they don't keep the ...

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Preparing For The Passover Preparing For The Passover
John H Ogwyn  -  Sermon   -  March 12, 1994

Brethren, in just two weeks, in fact we only have one more Sabbath before the Passover because two weeks from today will be the Sabbath right after the Passover, so we have just under two weeks until we meet here to take part in the Passover service. What is it that we do and why? You know it's im ...

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Passover Service Passover Service
Herman L Hoeh  -  Sermon   -  April 1, 1977

We will have a prayer in this particular instance as certainly they must of had at the Passover meal before the final occasion where Jesus introduced emblems for this era. Our Father in Heaven we come before You this evening to commemorate an event that has meant something special among all the peop ...

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The Passover The Passover
John H Ogwyn  -  Sermon   -  March 1980

Recently in services, in fact last week, I went through back in Peter how that we're told that judgement is right now on the house of God and certainly this applies in times of a time period, in terms of what is going on and transpiring in God's Work right now, but I think it is also particularl ...

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The Passover The Passover
Dean C Blackwell  -  Sermon

The Passover day isn't celebrating happy go lucky, have a big meal and eat and drink and laugh and visit, like the first day of Unleavened Bread is, like Pentecost is, like Trumpets and the Feast of Tabernacles, but this day is a solemn occasion. The Passover day is the time when we look back at w ...

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The Sacrifice of Our Passover The Sacrifice of Our Passover
John H Ogwyn  -  Sermon

Brethren, we are very close to the Passover, we're less than a week away and it is appropriate at this time of year we begin to focus our attention on different aspects relating to the Spring Festivals. Now the last time I was with you I focused more on the subject of unleavening and what God woul ...

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Passover Season Examination Passover Season Examination
John H Ogwyn  -  Sermon   -  March 1999

The Passover season and Mr. Halshawing going through in the Sermonette talked about the matter of examination. You know there are different ways that things can be examined, the Scriptures back in I Corinthians 11 talk about that, you know supposedly things are being examined regularly on an ongoing ...

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Passover Preparation Passover Preparation
Harold Way  -  Sermon   -  March 4, 2009

Very happy Sabbath and good afternoon to each of you. Brethren as it has been mentioned, Passover is only a few days away and God desirers that we come to the Passover in the right attitude, in the right frame of mind and with the right approach to what is actually taking place. Now there may be tim ...

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Godly Sorrow And Repentance Godly Sorrow And Repentance
Harold Way  -  Sermon   -  Feburary 29, 2009

Now Brethren we realize that we live in a society where events occur, as we know, as we keep up with what is going on and it makes headlines for a time, doesn't it? As the media rushes to sell newspapers, and magazines and advertisement, yet as time goes on it seems to disappear from the coverage, ...

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Passover Season Study Guide Passover Season Study Guide
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The Passover, the first of God's commanded annual festivals, is the beginning, the very first step, in God's great master plan of salvation for mankind. Although the original Passover was to be a yearly memorial to remind Israel of God's intervention in delivering them from slavery in Egypt (a ...

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