Are We Living in the Last Days? - Part 1 Are We Living in the Last Days? - Part 1
Brian Knowles  -  Good News   -  August 1976

The Handwriting Is on the Wall: Did you ever wonder where that enigmatic expression originated? The answer does not lie in twentieth-century graffiti but in the pages of your Bible! Over two millennia ago, during the twilight of the Neo-Babylonian Empire, a series of strange events changed the ...

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Are We Living in the Last Days? - Part 4 Are We Living in the Last Days? - Part 4
George P Ritter  -  Good News   -  November 1976

A Time of Unprecedented Peril: Nobody likes bad news. By nature most of us tend to be optimistic. After all, we've got good reason to be. We've heard the "wolf, wolf" and "the-sky-is-falling" refrains too many times in the past. Every generation has its prophets of doom, its own local donnybrook ...

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Are We Living in the Last Days? - Part 2 Are We Living in the Last Days? - Part 2
George P Ritter  -  Good News   -  September 1976

Is Doomsday at Our Door? For centuries, eschatologically oriented prophets and evangelists have been launching impassioned jeremiads on a perpetually frightened populace. Every natural or unnatural disaster has been seen as a sure sign of the end of the world. Many have become skeptical. Th ...

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Are We Living in the Last Days? - Part 3 Are We Living in the Last Days? - Part 3
George P Ritter  -  Good News   -  October 1976

The Ultimate Global Catastrophe: Continued abuse of the earth's life-support systems could possibly lead to some of the apocalyptic visions pictured in the biblical book of Revelation. It had been almost imperceptible at first. A few abnormal high tides recorded in Miami, Amsterdam and Calcutta. N ...

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"Big Daddy's" Days Are Numbered
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  November 1976

After nearly six years of dictatorial rule characterized by murder, torture, and oppression, Uganda's erratic President Idi "Big Daddy" Amin at last appears to be slipping from power. Observers believe a coup against him is not only possible, but probable. That can come only as good news ...

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WORLDWATCH: As in the Days of Noah WORLDWATCH: As in the Days of Noah
Gene H Hogberg  -  Plain Truth   -  January 1976

It was as, improbable a sight as one could possibly imagine. A Dutch inter-city train stopped dead in its tracks in, the middle of nowhere in central Netherlands. Aboard were a gang of terrorists, holding both crew and passengers hostage. Periodically, as the grim drama unfolded over international t ...

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Recipes for Busy Days Recipes for Busy Days
Isabell F Hoeh  -  Good News   -  July 1955

ALMOST every housewife and mother has at some time said to her family, "I won't have any time to cook today. Find whatever you can in the refrigerator, since I am going to be busy washing and housecleaning." With a little planning beforehand, you can complete your work and have a balance ...

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Days of Unleavened Bread Days of Unleavened Bread
Leroy Neff  -  Sermon   -  Unleavened Bread   -  April 1, 1980

Everything I like is either sinful, immoral, or fattening, you surprise me. Well, it's been sometime since I saw this, but I saw it on a little plaque somewhere and I thought it was rather appropriate as an introduction to the sermon that I have. Because it seems like so many of us think that what ...

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Sweeten Your Marriage with God's Holy Spirit Sweeten Your Marriage with God's Holy Spirit
Earl H Williams  -  Sermon   -  Feast of Tabernacles   -  October 15, 1984

Speaking of bears, I hope you haven't run across any. I hear they are around here. That may be a warning to some of you who might make fun of my bald head and Mr. Reedy and so forth. There's a few chapters in the Bible that, if you hurt the victim, you might not want to make fun of us. It certai ...

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Lesson 32 - Beast to Enforce Sunday- Lesson 32 - Beast to Enforce Sunday-"Mark" Again!
Ambassador College  -  Bible Study 58-Lesson   -  1963   Revision 1263

WHAT THE "BEAST" once did, it is to do again!! Prophecy says the Satanically inspired "MARK OF THE BEAST" is SOON TO BE ENFORCED once AGAIN BY a revival of the CATHOLIC controlled "Holy Roman Empire." Only this time the "Holy Roman Empire" will be called by a ...

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Lawson C Briggs  -  Plain Truth   -  April 1977

Dr. Harold Lindsell, the editor of the well-known evangelical magazine Christianity Today, published in Washington, D.C., recently proposed "that Saturday be set aside as the day of rest" for all Americans. "Even though the world has vast underdeveloped sources of energy," he sai ...

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Explaining What Love Means Explaining What Love Means
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Good News   -  December 1964

Personal from Herbert W Armstrong - You are probably often asked how the Ten Commandments could be a law of LOVE. Here is a way of explaining what love means - an explanation which most outsiders probably never heard before! When the Eternal RULER of the universe first placed man on this planet eart ...

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Reader By-Line: Four Days in March Reader By-Line: Four Days in March
Aldena Maxey  -  Youth Magazine   -  March 1984

Dear Diary, I had planned on attending a party in town with M. J. and her cousin Billy tonight. You guessed it - Mom and Dad have spoiled my plans again! I can't understand it. Why are my parents so protective? Just once I would love to have some freedom! I'm always sitting at home while everyon ...

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Why The Day of Atonement Why The Day of Atonement
John H Ogwyn  -  Sermon   -  Atonement   -  September 15, 1994

It is God that designates and sets apart, He tells us in the book of Leviticus chapter 23 as to why we are here today, why we're not out pursuing our work and our labors in the way that the community around us is. God tells us in Leviticus chapter 23, verse 26 (Leviticus 23:26). "the Eternal spoke ...

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The Tongues Question The Tongues Question
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Booklet   -  1970

Is "speaking in tongues" the Bible evidence of the baptism with the Holy Spirit? Just what IS the baptism with the Holy Spirit? What about "tarry meetings"? Are there people "speaking in tongues" today? Here is the PLAIN TRUTH about this burning question plainly stated. ...

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