So - You're Suspicious? So - You're Suspicious?
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Good News   -  April-May 1965

It's in your NATURE to be SUSPICIOUS. You were BORN filled with a NATURE that makes you DOUBTFUL, SKEPTICAL, STUBBORN! Are YOU overcoming that nature? Or are you SUSPICIOUS OF GOD? HAVE you ever really quit disagreeing with God? You may think you have - but have you, really? What is your first rea ...

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Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  July 1961

What IS a child? HOW does he learn? WHEN should you begin to teach him? These are some of the basic fundamental questions of childrearing. In this issue, we are ready to begin understanding some of the beginning principles of how to train your children - and when to begin. CONGRATULATIONS!" say ...

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Spiritual Poverty Spiritual Poverty
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  May 24, 1975

The account is empty. The hollow prayer is a rubber check. Gestures at religion are counterfeit currency. Red ink is everywhere; the checkbook is fake. The church is in the hands of the receivers. The professional auctioneers might try to salvage the candelabra, the holy water, or the choir robes. R ...

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Struggle for SURVIVAL Struggle for SURVIVAL
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  September 1960

In the last issue, you read of the frightening threat to our nation's future in the huge TRADE WAR under way in the world! In this shocking sequel you will see the frightening gravity of this economic baffle, and what your Bible says it means to YOU. "The challenge we as a nation face today i ...

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TELEVISION - The Most Effective Drug of Our Times! TELEVISION - The Most Effective Drug of Our Times!
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  June 1964

Television is being put to a wrong use! Without realizing it, YOU could be ensnared by a powerful habit-forming CURSE! You are living in the age of the terrible one-eyed monster - television! Television, especially in America, is the greatest mass medium of communication ever known to man. ...

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Thanksgiving Thanksgiving
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Radio Broadcast   -  1977

Fall harvest festivals are a part of every civilization, called Feast of Harvest or Harvest Homes Celebrations, Feasts of Ingathering, all of them have one central theme that of Thanksgiving. A Thanksgiving day makes sense for an agrarian rural sociality with smells of hay and apple cider, stalks of ...

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Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  March 1971

They have long hair. They wear beards and sandals. Some claim to have rejected everything but the basic necessities of life. They hold up two finger s in a "V" to proclaim peace, almost like a Papal benediction. They talk of "making love, not war," and speak of a world where each man is his brother+ ...

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Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  December 1965

Suddenly, over 30 million people were plunged into darkness. It COULDN'T HAPPEN, said the experts. But it did! There is something terribly FRAGILE about our technological society - and something very UNTRUSTWORTHY. Where is YOUR security? A little boy picked up a stick, swung at a light pole - and ...

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The Big News The Big News
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Radio Broadcast   -  1974

The big news seems to go unnoticed, while our attention is swept this way and that by the Liberal news, the local news, the latest sports scores, the political squabbles, the dock strike, the joblessness, the latest flood, a tornado, maybe the National News, but what does it all mean? The big news i ...

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The Birth of a The Birth of a "BEAST"!
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  August 1959

We are building a Frankenstein monster in Europe! Some responsible observers are SCARED by what they see taking place in Germany! Here's a first-hand report on West Germany - and what the Bible reveals is sure to happen! New York. I have just returned with my father, Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong, from ...

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Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  September 1961

Will nuclear WAR begin over the Berlin Crisis? That fatal question can be answered only by those who know both the facts and Biblical prophecy! Read this shocking, on-the-spot report by the Executive Editor of the Plain Truth! West Berlin, Germany: Will the world be plunged into a super-destructive ...

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Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  July 1959

The world has swallowed one of the greatest LIES of all time! YOU have come to believe it! SEE, with your own startled eyes, how the LIE has been used to further the aims of a HIDDEN, UNSEEN enemy! Why do our national leaders fear Communism? Why is the threat of Red invasion constantly in the minds ...

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The Coming Era of Superweapons The Coming Era of Superweapons
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  March 1977

When people talk about the potential for mass annihilation, they're usually thinking about the specter of all-out nuclear war - a nuclear Armageddon which would obliterate mankind from the face of the earth. Many do not realize, however, that nuclear weapons are only a part of man's growing mass ...

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The Coming World Government The Coming World Government
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Radio Broadcast   -  1974

The biggest issue of our day is government, right government it's about time Americans, Canadians and all of us took a look at the entire global arena of human kind and not just one nation as it tries to solve its own domestic, chauvinistic, racist, political or other ills. Because after all each ...

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The CUBAN CRISIS what does it mean? The CUBAN CRISIS what does it mean?
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  December 1962

Breathlessly, the world waited for nuclear WAR! Frantic housewives bought hundreds of dollars worth of groceries, stored food and water in fallout shelters. Americans waited from hour to hour by their radios - wondering what would happen! The world waited with bated breath! But nuclear war between R ...

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