Are You Brave Enough To Face Truth? Are You Brave Enough To Face Truth?
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Good News   -  October 1975

How much of what you believe about religion is really true? How do you discover doctrinal truths? And if you do finally find the right doctrine, are you courageous enough to face and accept it? In a back-page ad appearing on a fairly recent number of the Plain Truth, we tested the Bible know ...

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Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Good News   -  February 1958

If you are, it's possible you're BRINGING IT ON YOURSELF! Check up, and be sure! "You SAY it's got HAM in it? Why, lady, don't you know hog meat's UNCLEAN?" exclaimed the zealous believer, ordering a meal in a restaurant. Could this be you? Some of the brethren, not yet MATURE in the faith ...

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Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Good News   -  December 1964

How DOES one know he has been "CALLED" of God? THOUSANDS say they have been-some say they've "felt" that way; that "God laid it upon their hearts," or that they received a VERY SPAISHUL (special) burden" from the Lord. Did they really? How does God call His TRUE ...

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Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  May 1962

WHY DO YOU BELIEVE THE THINGS YOU DO? What is the SOURCE of your opinions? How did you come to your convictions and beliefs? This straight-from-the-shoulder answer will surprise you! Asia for the Asiatics!" screamed millions of Japanese during World War II. "Deutschland uber alles!" b ...

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Are You Willing? Are You Willing?
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Good News   -  May 1962

Do YOU, as a member of the body of Christ, have a truly WILLING spirit? Do you have that outgoing, yielding, GIVING attitude of which Christ spoke so often? It's time to CHECK UP on ourselves! Read this searching article and find out about YOU! SUSPICION! Greed! Jealousy! Mistrust! Hate! THESE are ...

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Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  March 1977

Every night the whole world goes to sleep aboard a huge multimegaton bomb - fully capable of exterminating every man, woman and child from the face of this earth. Yet most people-focusing only on their own day-to-day concerns and how to eke out a "good life" in the midst of economic uncertainty - ...

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Australia's Deadly Peril! Australia's Deadly Peril!
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  February 1963

This great island continent "down under" is in GRAVE DANGER! Read, in this on-the-scenes report, the present-day conditions, and what PROPHECY says the future will bring! "We may not have much time - let's make the most of it," screamed the warning in the Sydney Herald, October ...

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AUSTRALIA, at last! AUSTRALIA, at last!
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Good News   -  November 1959

At last God has OPENED THE DOOR to Australia! With the World Tomorrow program on the air six times weekly, it has been necessary to establish offices in Sydney, Australia. Here, FIRST HAND, is the exciting news! OVER nineteen hundred years ago, Jesus Christ said, somewhere, somehow, there would be a ...

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Be Alert-and Watch! Be Alert-and Watch!
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  August 1976

Did you ever notice how politicians, military leaders, and statesmen increasingly are borrowing terms from the pages of the Bible in order to describe current world conditions? Military spokesmen talk about "the handwriting on the wall" and use such words and phrases as "apocalyptic,& ...

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Being Born Again Being Born Again
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Radio Broadcast   -  1977

And greeting friends around the world, many people say one of the main things that helped get Jimmy Carter in the White House is the fact, that he, like 50 million other adult Americans has been Born Again, but what do you mean Born Again? I mean, what does it mean to be Born Again? For poll taking ...

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Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  January 1959

We are building a Frankenstein monster! A gigantic military and economic colossus is rearing its ugly head in Europe readying itself to strike! The real meaning behind today's news, and how it is destined to affect you, is startling! Something has gone wrong! Europe is not shaping up exactly as we ...

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Bible Misconceptions Bible Misconceptions
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Radio Broadcast   -  1977

The surest way to avoid being permitted aboard an Air-Liner these days is to walk up the hallway in the airport with a gun in your hand. I imagine you would be arrested before you got all the way up to the check point where you have to walk through the metal detector before they let you on board the ...

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Bible Prophecy Bible Prophecy
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Radio Broadcast   -  1974

A United States of Europe is coming, it's almost here and we have been foretelling it would occur for more than 20 years. You know just after World War II almost nobody believed that West Germany would ever rise again. Sir Winston Churchill [inaudible] at Normandy said 50 years is what he thought ...

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Brethren & Co-Workers Letter - May 31, 1972 Brethren & Co-Workers Letter - May 31, 1972
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Brethren & Co-Workers Letter   -  May 31, 1972

I'm writing this special letter to express, if I possibly can, the combined feelings of vast relief, thanksgiving, humility, and joy over the events of these past few months. My father, along with several of the Vice Presidents of the Work and Mr. Rader, our General Counsel and Financial Adviser w ...

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Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  August-September 1977

SIX FAMILY FUNCTIONS The Family Service Association of America has identified six major functions all families should possess as a common denominator. In brief, they are: 1) The basic biological function of reproduction and transmittal of a family's special heritage and culture from one generation ...

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