Panorama of the Bible - Part 3 Panorama of the Bible - Part 3
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Radio Broadcast   -  1964

In this space age, this age of science, of technology, of the fantastic advances in inventiveness and scientific achievements why is it even the Western World so many people still believe in fantasy, in vague tradition, in guess work, in mystery and ancient hand-me-down from yesteryear? Yes, in the ...

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Panorama of the Bible - Part 4 Panorama of the Bible - Part 4
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Radio Broadcast   -  1964

But today's news is not good, but bad! What do you hear on most news broadcasts today? Whether you realize it or not my friends you are hearing the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. As shocking as that might sound, you need to turn to that 24th chapter in the book of Matthew in your own Bible and fin ...

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Panorama of the Bible - Part 5 Panorama of the Bible - Part 5
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Radio Broadcast   -  1964

But look at the world of today. It's a world taught with tension, fear, worry, hatred, violence, sickness, suffering and death. A world of the threat of war, a world of tremendous contrast, a world of contradiction, a world that is almost it seems impossible to understand and today while most peop ...

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Personal from the Editor Personal from the Editor
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  July 1965

Personal from Garner Ted Armstrong - RECENTLY we received the following letter: "Please do not send me any more issues of The PLAIN TRUTH. Cancel it immediately. Even if you should be right about some things, that does not mean you are right about everything. Your idea of doing away with Easter ...

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Pity the poor CRIMINAL! Pity the poor CRIMINAL!
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  December 1969

Paradoxically, millions of our people live in fear of crime. Still, attitudes toward criminals continue to soften - some crimes are so sensationalized the culprits are virtually praised as heroes. What's happening to old-fashioned indignation against wrongdoing? This article probes current trends, ...

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Garner Ted Armstrong & Paul W Kroll  -  Plain Truth   -  November 1967

A new kind of dogmatism is sweeping the scientific world. No longer do leading evolutionists speak of evolution as "theory." Today, many assert it to be FACT. Long bitter antagonists of "dogmatism" in religion, evolutionists have gradually become the proprietors of a new, and ver ...

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Playing God Playing God
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Radio Broadcast   -  1974

Too many people in the world today want to play at being God. Why is there such a desire in human nature in human minds and hearts to live other people's lives for them? Have you ever wondered about the manipulation of power? Have you ever studied into Geo Politics and what makes nations go around ...

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Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  February 1968

NO WONDER "religion" is utterly rejected by so many millions today. NO WONDER a broad segment of American businessmen and women cannot find ANYthing about "Christianity" to inspire and challenge them. NO WONDER hippies reject the time-honored "establishment" of our &quo ...

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Points for Bible Study Points for Bible Study
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Sermon   -  October 7, 1955

[Points Starts at 3:19] I wanted to give you a few points on Bible Study. I've notice in talking to many of you and I know the other ministers have, but there seems to be a few fundamental points of how to study your Bible that many of you perhaps have not thought of before or have missed. I think ...

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Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  January 1960

Australia, the great island continent "down under," is undergoing a virtual revolution! Here, from on the scenes, is the shocking truth about what it really means! Sydney, Australia. In Australia, a giant land of sparse population, a mass movement is underway. It's a movement of people - ...

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Pornography Is No Pornography Is No "Victimless Crime"!
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  July 1977

Under the guise of constitutional rights and freedom of expression, the floodgates of filth and perversion have opened wide to unleash a torrent of explicit pornography and lurid erotica. The latest perverse twist the porn barons are milking for all it's worth is a booming multimillion-dollar chil ...

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Poverty Doesn't Cause Crime People Do! Poverty Doesn't Cause Crime People Do!
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  April 1977

Despite tons of evidence to the contrary, a member of the United States Congress, who also happens to sit on a congressional subcommittee on crime, believes crime is caused by "desperation brought on by joblessness, poverty and community disintegration." Representative John Conyers of Mich ...

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PREPARE for Children PREPARE for Children
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  February 1961

Proper child training doesn't just "happen!" It must be LEARNED, studied, prepared for! In this vital installment, you will see important principles of preparation for children. Part 4. WHAT HAS GONE WRONG? Law enforcement officials are alarmed - frightened! Never before in history has y ...

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Press Stumbles Over Mr. Ford's Slip Press Stumbles Over Mr. Ford's Slip
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  June 21, 1975

Washington, D.C. As a microcosm of the world crisis in leadership. U.S. President Gerald Ford is presently engaged in a leadership crisis of his own. I have just returned from witnessing Mr. Ford's arrival and opening commentary to the assembled delegates of the NATO nations in the much publicize ...

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Problems of New Converts Problems of New Converts
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Good News   -  January 1954

DO YOU know why the majority of American people turn up their noses at "religion" and refuse to have anything to do with it? You have probably been taught most of your life that it is necessary to GIVE UP everything that is GOOD, everything that is FUN, in order to become "saved" This is the common ...

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