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Should Christians Celebrate BIRTHDAYS?
Good News Magazine
March 1959
Volume: Vol VIII, No. 3
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Should Christians Celebrate BIRTHDAYS?
Kenneth C Herrmann   
Church of God

Born: 1924
Died: 2006
Member Since: 1949
Ambassador College: 1953

Why does the Bible omit mention of the birthdates of such men as Abraham, Moses and even Jesus Christ? Where did the custom of celebrating birthdays begin? SEARCH your Bible! How many birthday celebrations do you find? That of a Pharaoh who celebrated his birthday by hanging his chief baker (Genesis 40). And a second, Herod's birthday celebration at which John the Baptist was beheaded (Matt. 14:6). Only two definite birthday celebrations in the entire Bible! Not a single mention is ever made of the exact date in terms of the month and day upon which any individual was born! Isn't all this strange in the light of the popular modern practice? Birthdays seem to leave little importance in God's eyes! The sons of Job may also have been observing their birthdays, though there is uncertainty as to whether these "days" (Job 1:4) they met on were really birthdays. Job actually cursed his birthdate! (Job 3:1).

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Good News MagazineMarch 1959Vol VIII, No. 3
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