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Where did Saul hide on the day he was made king?
Amongst the baggage.

I Samuel 10:22

WOMEN - What Will YOU Be In God's Kingdom?
Good News Magazine
July 1963
Volume: Vol XII, No. 7
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WOMEN - What Will YOU Be In God's Kingdom?
Ronald D Kelly   
Church of God

Born: 1938
Member Since: 1956
Ordained: 1976
Office: ACE - Evangelist

Co-host of The World Tomorrow from 1988 until 1994

Are women inferior to men in the eyes of God? Is this life a training ground for women as well as men? How can YOU become kings and priests in the Kingdom? Read this God's answers! RECENTLY a woman came to me with the question, "What will I be able to do when the Kingdom of God is set up?" A teen-age girl asked, "What good is it to be a woman? It seems God always favors men in the Bible." Another woman standing nearby wondered, "What does it mean: We will all become Sons of God? Will we women become daughters of God, or what?" Most of you women - and many of you men - have also asked these same questions. God's ministers have preached scores of sermons on the proper husband and wife relationship. Articles have appeared in both The GOOD NEWS and The PLAIN TRUTH magazines on this vital subject. Yet, many have misunderstood the entire lesson God intended.

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Good News MagazineJuly 1963Vol XII, No. 7
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