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Who said "I find no fault in him?"
Pontious Pilate

John 19:6

Good News Magazine
August 1963
Volume: Vol XII, No. 8
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Selmer L Hegvold

Disobedience is rampant - a symbol of this age. Disrespect is universal! Even among God's People it is a severe problem. Your prayer life - your personal relationship with God is in jeopardy. Learn how you can prevent YOUR children from suffering THE RESULTS OF DISRESPECT TO PARENTS - DEATH! HOW MUCH have you unwittingly conformed to the ways of this world? Can you know whether or not your conduct - your attitude - is pleasing to God? To many of the brethren in God's Church there is one of the commandments that still remains an enigma. Failure to understand and to observe the fifth commandment has blocked many from fervent, heartfelt prayer to God. Are yon one of them? Don't say, no, too quickly - you may never have REALIZED this as your problem!

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Good News MagazineAugust 1963Vol XII, No. 8
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