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I Samuel 17:9-10

What Is Genuine Humility?
Good News Magazine
August 1966
Volume: Vol XV, No. 8
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What Is Genuine Humility?
William F Dankenbring   
Church of God

Member Since: 1957
Ambassador College: 1963
Office: ACE

Master of Arts Degree from Ambassador.

Many confuse meekness with weakness. Others put on a "false front" of humility. Few understand TRUE humility! Read this article and find out how you can grow in proper humility. LOOK around you. Everywhere you look in this modern world, you see the signs of vanity! Vanity is at the root of human problems. Because of vanity, many become puffed up and inflated with their own ego. And because of vanity, others mope around with a terrible inferiority complex! Women are vain about their beauty. Athletes are vain about sports. Fishermen brag about the "one that got away." Hunters regale their friends with monstrous untruths about their latest hunting expedition. Scientists are vain about their staggering intellects. Businessmen boast about their latest "killing" on the stock market, or their latest "big deal."

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Good News MagazineAugust 1966Vol XV, No. 8
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