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Bible Study    -    58 Lesson Course
Test Thirteen - For Lessons 49 - 52
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Test Thirteen - For Lessons 49 - 52
Ambassador College   
Church of God

Ambassador College (1947-1997) was a four-year, liberal arts college run by the Worldwide Church of God. The college was established in 1947 in Pasadena, California by Herbert W. Armstrong, what was then the Radio Church of God, later renamed the Worldwide Church of God. In 1960 a second campus was opened at Bricket Wood, Hertfordshire, England, and in 1964 a third campus was opened in Big Sandy, Texas, Ambassador operated for 50 years.

58 Lesson:
Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course

| 1965 |

This multiple-choice test is designed to help you review the subjects you studied in your Bible with the preceding four lessons. It's an enjoyable way of putting to use some of the vital knowledge and understanding you have gained through this course. Notice that there are four parts to the test, each part covering one of the previous four lessons. You should take this test after finishing your studies with these four lessons. Also notice that you must select one of the four choices given under each question or incomplete statement. These choices are labeled A, B, C, D. Only one is correct. The other three choices are wrong-unless stated or indicated otherwise. Usually they are false ideas believed by the majority of professing Christians today, or by those who do not believe in the Creator God and the divine inspiration of the Bible. From among the four choices, select only the one that you believe to be correct. As an example, the correct choice for question one is already selected for you. Take sufficient time to understand each question or statement, as well as the choices. Try to do as many as you can without referring to the previous four lessons. If you have any difficulty deciding on the correct answer, then review the part of the lesson covering the point under question or the statement to be completed. Once you have finished the test and are satisfied with all of your answers, press the "Submit" button and your test will be graded automatically. A score of 75 percent or above is a passing grade.

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Publication Date: 1965
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