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   And now continuing the amazing, eye opening, surprising actual history of what happened to the church that Jesus Christ did found and build. Where is that Church today? When we live in a world preaching exactly opposite doctrines, following exactly contrary and opposite customs. Yes, it's shocking to discover that the Christianity that we've grown up accepting is not the same gospel that Jesus preached at all, not the same Christianity believed and practiced by the Church that Jesus Christ did build in the days when it was led infallibly by the apostles as inspired by the Holy Spirit. It's a little shocking to learn that Christ observed the Passover instead of Easter. That the original, genuine Church of God under the inspiration of the holy spirit under the guidance and leadership of the spirit of God, the Church that Jesus built observed the Passover.., not Easter. And the Days of Unleavened Bread following it, but no Easter, or holy week, or Lenten season preceding it. It's certainly surprising to learn that the Apostle Paul actually taught the Gentile converts to stop observing Lent and Easter and instead to keep the Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

   And it's rather shocking, my friends, to learn in scripture that Jesus Christ forbids us to observe Easter, believe it or not! Yes, that's shocking. But that isn't all. It's even more astounding to discover on researching into actual history, that the True Church, which Christ founded, and which He headed, continued to keep the Passover and the Festival of Unleavened Bread. They continued to proclaim and believe the same Gospel that Jesus had proclaimed.., utterly different from the gospels that we've grown up believing in this world today. They continued to practice the same customs that Christ and the Apostles had observe and taught for hundreds and hundreds of years into the Middle Ages and even down, my friends, into our times into this very century in which we live now.

   Now, we've been going through the history of that True Church. And I've have shown you, my friends, that in the book of Revelation are two different churches prophesied. One, is what we have seen, and all of this confusion of organized Christianity, as we see it today, all divided among itself, great and mighty and powerful, and there is called by a fallen name and the thing that made this woman under the symbol of a woman, pictured as a fallen woman was the fact she has gotten into this world and the politics of the world and the ways of this world that was her fornication. And, my friends, you know it's being done today. Oh, it's right there in your Bible. God calls the whole thing Babylon, Babylon, the great. And then, Jesus said that His Church was going to be the little flock. He said it would be persecuted. Everywhere prophecy foretold that it would be scattered, persecuted, not always together and organized, as a matter of fact it was only able to continue the preaching of the Gospel to the world in an organized fashioned for just two nineteen year time cycles after the time of Christ, after the founding of the Church. And as far as its organized efforts is concerned, it disbanded in 69 A.D., and the members were scattered.

   Now, we've been going through the history of that True Church from that time on. That.., True Church of God is pictured in the twelfth chapter of the book of Revelation as a persecuted Church that was forced during the Middle ages to flee for 1260 years from organized, paganized, civil governments..., and the police systems of the governments. Other wise, they would have been tortured, in fact many who did not flee, paid with their lives. They were tortured until death and they were martyrs. and it says there they love not their lives unto death. But those that were not martyred those that were not killed, were protected but they had to flee.., organized civilization. That's in your Bible, my friends. Oh, these things are shocking but they're right in your own Bible. And either these things are true or else the Bible is not true. And now we come to the second and the third chapter of Revelation where you find the details of the history foretold in advance.., in the form of prophecy of the True Church of God and what was going to happen to it.

   Now, let me explain, that even the True Church of God is made up of human beings who have been completely converted, however, and have given their whole heart and lives over to God and are being led by the spirit of God; but they're not perfect. There is only one, who ever lived who was really perfect and that's Jesus Christ. And so, among those that are in the True Church even thought they yet remain faithful, God does look on the heart and even though they have a right spirit and they intend to do what God wants them to do; they're not all doing it perfectly, some more so than others and some a whole lot less so. And some, finally just fall away altogether. Again, I reminded, my friends, of what we're warned in the Bible: Let him that thinks he stands; take heed, lest he fall! Now some of them did fall. Some of them did fall away and the devil has always been angry or wroth, with that Church that keeps the commandments of God and has the faith and the testimony of Jesus. And I want to tell you my friends, that little Church that despised, scattered, persecuted little Church of God has had a great deal more to contend with than those that just joined the broad way that is leading to destruction.., the popular road.., of organized religion.

   Because the devil is angry with them and the devil has caused them a great deal of trouble where he's perfectly content to let along those that are deceived. They're very sincere, of course they think they're right.., but are deceived. Now, you can be the finest meaning person in the world, and be very honest and sincere and yet be deceived. And if you are, the devil's going to let you alone, he want worry much about you, he's got you where he wants you. And my friends, that's where he does have the overwhelming majority of the people in this world.

   Now, where did that little Church that was not notice by the world? That the historians didn't regard as a True Church of God at all but rather as apostates and heretics. Where has that Church been? Well, it has not ceased to exist; Jesus Christ said I will build my church. He did build it. He said the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Of course, literally, he speaking of the grave and He meant it wouldn't prevail because the graves are going to open in a resurrection. The hope of the resurrection is the real hope of the Christian; it was the hope for which the Apostle Paul went on trial for his life. Well now we've been going through the history and finding that True Church. They've been trying to fit this church at Ephesus and Smyrna and Pergamos and Thyatira, Sardis and so on as you find them in the second and third chapters of Revelation to the great popular professing Christian churches that are in this world, of this world, politically organized that have been participating in the world's politics, the world's business, the world commerce, the world's pleasures and the world's ways. They are the ones, my friend, of the prophecy that a great falling away would take place. They would have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof. The ones that had got clear away from the faith once delivered to the saints. We're commanded to contend earnestly for that faith once delivered.

   Well, now we have gone through Ephesus, the Church there at Ephesus, and their characteristics were typical of the characteristics of the True Church of God as a whole when it started out during apostolic times for about the first 38 or so years of its history. And that was the Church of the Apostles; of course literally, it was referring to a literal church that did exist at Ephesus in the nineties at the time the Apostle John was inspired by the holy spirit to write the book of Revelation. And it was typical of the Apostolic Church that had already past into history. Then the church of Smyrna followed. Now, that was just north and as I have explained, these churches in Asia Minor, these literal local churches that did exist in the nineties A.D., were on a mail route, Smyrna was just north of Ephesus, Pergamos on up north of that and then Thyatira further north and we begin to swing around down again and Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea until you come back around the lower end of the circle again. It was a mail route in those days and it just happened that the churches, those seven churches, typified the seven eras or stages of time of development of the True Church of God as it would be.

   Now I've mentioned that.., the Church wasn't perfect and God starts out here with the Church at Ephesus, I know thy works, thy labor and patience. It was His Church, nevertheless, verse 4; I have somewhat against thee.., why He said that to His own disciples. Jesus rebuked Peter. And Paul, even after he had received the holy spirit, Paul, the Apostle withstood Peter to his face because he was to be blamed. He wasn't perfect. He wasn't perfect at all. Now, we come to Smyrna, and this is the stage of the Church for the next 400 years.

   Well, these things saith the first and the last, was dead and is alive, I know thy works in tribulation and poverty. He know all of the good things about them; but also there was some things that weren't so good, but then we come to Pergamos, and here were good things about them, He said again, I know thy works, where thy dwellest, even where Satan's seat is, and they had a lot to contend there. But, He said, verse 14, I have a few things against thee. Then He told them what was wrong, and told them to repent of those things. Now, we find a great deal about them in a book called The Key of Truth that contains a great deal of their teachings that has been translated into the English language by Fred C. Conebear. This partially persevered record of God's people proves that they preached the gospel of the Kingdom, the government of God.

   And, they baptized by immersion. Not by sprinkling or anything of the kind. They realized that there are four passages in the New Testament, if we're going to live by every word of God, that we should, after people have thoroughly repented, have completely surrendered unconditionally to God and to the will of God, the government of God, surrendered their wills, have come out of the world, that they did as the Apostles had done. They prayed over them and laid hands on them that they may receive the holy spirit. They not only, continued to keep the Passover on the fourteenth of God's first month, Nissan, which comes along in the spring and not in January at all, but they also observed the Sabbath, the weekly Sabbath, believe it or not and the Festival of Unleavened Bread. Now, that's on pages 162 and 152 in The Key of Truth that was translated into English by Fred C Conebear.

   Well, the devil, was quite angry with those people, as I read to you, and so, once again, Satan and his wiles to overthrow the Church, introduced false teachers among God's people. As a result of these sins, Jesus warn His Church in verse 16 here in Rev 2, (Rev 2:16), Repent, or else I will fight against thee with the sword of my mouth. And, the word of God is like a sharp two-edged sword and is pictured as coming out of the mouth of Christ who is the word of God. Well, most of them took that warning rather lightly until it was too late, trusting in their own worldly political alliances with neighboring Arabs, instead of relying on Jesus' protection. They were betrayed, they were slaughtered, a hundred thousand (100,000) of them according to history, that's what happened. The faithful few who escaped were driven to southeastern Europe and here we find from page 104 on this book, that there they thrived for centuries and spread their tenants into Bohemia, Poland, Germany, Italy, France, and even into England. Those that had remained faithful and were not slaughtered.

   Now we come to the church in Thyatira. And this is mighty interesting. And these things write doth saith the Son of God, who hath his eyes like unto a flame of fire, and his feet like unto fine brass; I know thy works, and charity, and service, and faith, and thy patience, and thy works; and the last to be more than the first. Notwithstanding, I have a few things against thee, because she sufferest this woman Jezebel, which calls herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce His servants to commit fornication. Now here was a Church though the unusual thing that marks this Church. Its human nature to keep degenerating but here's a Church whose last works were better than the first. Now, let's get into that, the Church at Thyatira. John was inspired to commend this Church because the last works of the Church were more than those at first. But in the local Church, there was a false teacher who taught some to practice idolatry. Now, Jesus warned them that He would cast them into a Great Tribulation and kill her children with death unless they repented. Let me just read that, I had read previously down to verse 20, let's read on the rest of this.

   (Rev 2: 20-21) Nevertheless, I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calls herself a prophetess, [And actually that woman was the big false church spoken of in Revelation 17, under symbol because Revelation is written in symbols but the Bible explains it's own symbols.] to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols. And I gave her space to repent of her fornication, you'll read of that, chapter 17, verse two, (Rev 17:2); where you get the meaning of that clarified, I gave her space to repent of her fornication and she repented not. (Rev 2: 22-23): Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, [That is I will cast her into a sick bed, actually, is the meaning of it, and, the civil rulers, that committed adultery with her because the adultery was committed with the civil rulers into great tribulation] except they repent of their deeds. And I will kill her children with death; and all the churches shall know that I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works.

   Now, let's continue with it. Let's notice how this description fits exactly the next great expansion of God's people on earth. They were God's true people but were not perfect and some turned false out of them continually. Yes, there was a continual falling away even from the true people.

   As a result of the evangelism or evangelization of the Alpine regions by the Paulicians people, as they have been called, [as God's people are called at that time, by the world, they didn't call them selves that] there arose numerous ministers and faithful congregations. One of these was Peter Debreze who preached the Gospel of the Kingdom of God in the South of France. [Now, you'll read that in Jones Church History, Chapter four, section three.] Two other preachers of this time were Arnold and Henry. They were charged by the popular political organized churches with remaining faithful to the whole law of God and observing the Sabbath. [Notice, they were charged with that. Because the worldly churches that had adopted the pagan customs..., and I've gone into all of the history of how that happened and how that falling away did come and how they had turned in the world away from the truth and turned unto fables.]

   There was a decree passed is 363 A.D. and it was enforced by the Government that Christians must not Judadize by resting on the Sabbath. Because even in 363 A.D., my friends, way after 300 years after Christ, there were so many people, so many Christians still keeping the Sabbath that Jesus kept, the one He said He was lord of, the true lord's day, there were so many of them still keeping it that in order to stamp it out, the government had to pass a law.., saying, as translated into English, that Christians must not Judadize, they called that Judadizing, because of their prejudices and their jealousy against the Jews, by resting on the Sabbath but must work on that day rather resting on Sunday as Christians, but if any be found Judadizing let them be declared anathema which, my friends, was a death sentence and millions were martyred for the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus Christ. Now, that's a matter of history, my friends, it isn't a matter of opinion, those things are a matter of record.

   You can find them in your libraries; you can find them in the books of history and we've sent our men to London and to.., even to Berlin and to Paris and to Rome and the capitols of the world to call out some of these things for us and to get these histories and that how this history that I'm giving you has been compiled. I'm not reading this from any other sources, my friends, our own researchers have compile very carefully and carefully documented this history that I'm giving you. And I'm quite sure that you have never heard it before. Well, it's eye opening, it's shocking.., and it's about time that someone.., took the trouble and the pains and went to the great trouble to collect this information that we can have our eyes open; that we can know the truth. Oh, yes, I know, the world is just full of false teachers. And there's going to be plenty that will say this is not true and so perhaps the many that just don't like the truth. You know, Jesus said, this is the condemnation that light is come into the world and men love darkness rather than the light because their deeds were evil. Well, let's hurry along with this now and I want you to notice now how this description exactly fits here:

   Because the last works of the Church were more than the first, they were commended. But in the local church, there was a false teacher who taught some to practice idolatry. Now, Jesus had warned them that He would cast them into great tribulation; kill here children with death unless they repented. I just read that to you in this second chapter of Revelation. Now, I want you to notice, how this description fits exactly the next great expansion of God's people. As a result of the evangelization of the Alpine regions by the Paulicians, as God's people were then called, there arose numerous ministers and faithful congregations and one of these men was Peter Debreze who preached the gospel of the Kingdom of God in the south of France. The Gospel of the Kingdom of God, the same Gospel that Jesus had preached. Now, two other preachers of that time were Arnold and Henry and they were charged with the popular churches with remaining faithful to the whole law of God and of observing the Sabbath.., in spite of the fact that the government then ruling the Western world had proclaimed a death sentence on anyone that would do it. That's how, my friends, Sabbath observing came to be almost universally stamped out. It was done with the power of government and the secret police.

   Now the Lutheran Historian, Mosiam, says of another branch of the Church of God in the twelfth century, that they held, quote, a notion that the observance of the Law of Moses in everything except the offering of sacrifices was obligatory upon Christians. They abstained from those meats.., the use of which was prohibited under the Mosaic economy and they celebrated the Jewish Sabbath. The second tenant which distinguished this sect was advanced in opposition to the doctrine of three persons in the divine nature, end quote, from that history. Yes, they knew, that God was not a Trinity.., God is not limited to just three persons, my friends, believe it or not, of course, we've grown up, believing, in a world that has believed, even to change the very nature of God, that God is limited. God is a Kingdom. And God is the creative Kingdom. And God is creative, first the inanimate Kingdom, the mineral Kingdom and the Plant Kingdom, the animal Kingdom and I think you should say a human Kingdom because while we are classified technically in the animal Kingdom, we're much nearer like God than we are like dumb animals; believe it or not!

   And the missing link is not a missing link between us and brutal beasts but the missing link between us and God. And that missing link is Christ and it's about time this world found the missing link! Because Christ links us to God. And we can become a member of the God family. The God Kingdom. The Kingdom of God. God is that Kingdom. And there is an angel Kingdom. And the God Kingdom is the ruler. Why God said, let us make man in our image, not let me. And the God who said it was Eloween (elohiym), and Eloween is plural, meaning a family, a person, more than one person. The very name of God in your Bible in the Hebrew tells that, my friends. Oh, how little we know and how this world has been deceived and how the shades of darkness have been pull down over the eyes of the people until, I tell you, my friends, the things that we have thought were the truth of God, the things that we believe that are Christian..., it's about time we learned how many of these things are so far from the teaching of Christ and of the Apostles and the things we do are not the things that they did.

   I'm showing you now the history of the True Church that Jesus said, "The Gates of hell should never prevail against." Well, a crusade was instituted against many of these people in southern France; thousands perished. But when it seemed, that the first work would soon been ended, there arose an even greater leader, among God's people. It was the close of the twelfth century. In Lyon's, France, lived an astonishingly successful and a wealthy merchant, Peter Waldo, you've probably heard of Waldo in history. One day, while in the company of some of the leading citizens, one of his friends, fell lifeless at his side. Terrified by the event, he said to himself, if death had stricken me, what would have become of my soul? Well, Waldo, asked one of the theologians, what is the perfect way? Ah! Answered the theologian, and I'm quoting this from Combo's' history of the Waldensian's, page 21, Ah! answered the theologian, here is Christ' precept, if thou will be perfect, go sell all that thy have and give to poor and thy shall have treasure in heaven and come take up thy cross and follow me. End of the quotation. Now Walden disposed of his property by distributing to the poor. But from his wealth, he also had a translation of the scriptures made. And in this translation, he noticed the command to the Apostles to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. And his mind began to understand the scriptures..., and what it was. Now, God began to use Peter Waldo. And Combo', the historian, says, that "he brought to the study the scriptures that practical common sense which had guide him in his business transaction, the word of Christ was clear enough for Waldo, it was simply a question of furnishing a literal translation" that's page 243, of Combos history. The humble remnant of the Church of God listened to him and soon many new disciples were coming to repentance, yes, to repentance. Here was a Church teaching repentance. His disciples became almost as many coworker with him. Co-workers. And he had been brought out of the field of business.

   Now, God's Church, once again, was spreading the Gospel and a school for ministers was established to provide the trained help to carry on the Gospel. Now, here's a marvelous record, from these people that's dated 1404, if I have time to read a little of it. Quote: "We do not find anywhere of the writings of the Old Testament that the light of truth.., and of holiness was anytime completely extinguished. There have always been men who walk faithfully in the paths of righteousness. There number has at time been reduced to few, but never has been altogether lost. We believe that the same has been the case from the time of Jesus Christ until now, and that it will be until the end. For if the Church of God was founded.., it was in order that she might remain, endure until the end. We do not believe that the Church of God absolutely departed from the way of truth but one portion yielded and as is commonly seen, the majority was led away unto evil." That's Combo's History, page 10 and 11, oh, I've haven't the time, I thought I could complete it today.

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